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  1. Base Building: Is there a size limit for bases/buildings? I've been building darn near since the beginning and I've yet to run into an issue besides developers shifting environmental items on me, forcing me to build more and/or destroy some. As of today I'm done. Can I export my base so others can mess around with it or share it some how besides co-op? It would be a shame to let it go to waste. Check out a video I made of this complex: https://www.facebook.com/100057393220493/videos/231357882120651/
  2. I imagine controls like that may only become available once the game is complete and probably not made by the company but by people who make MODs. I could be wrong though. For those who enjoy playing this game but fear it for whatever reason, I hope the company can continue making adjustments and removing/limiting those fears.
  3. HAHA! I'd say that counts as a phobia per se. That kind of thing drives me nuts too. I can't tell you how much time I've spent in Grounded trying to get things to line up, be on the same level, connect in the spot I want/need them to, etc...sometimes I just need to nudge something in one direction or the other but can't. In saying that they did recently add the move feature for already placed items, that has greatly helped me move misplaced things.
  4. That is unfortunate. Maybe it's glitched. Several updates ago, I thought they made it so grass never grew back. Maybe it just didn't work and they'll fix it later. It would be really cool of they allowed for the grass and dry grass to never grow back unless the player wanted it to and they performed a specific action. For example, they could make the base below the toxic spray container have a swith that turns the sprayer into a fertiliser sprayer. Provided, of course, the player puts enough resources of some kind in a machine. After that the player can choose which region(s) to fertilis
  5. OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS ANNOYING!!! I know how you feel and I'm sorry. I spent nearly 3 days purely cutting grass and stacking it. All the grass I cut down in those 3 days is now back. Please let us cut the grass and have it not come back, please!
  6. With a game such as Grounded a near infinite amount of phobias could be triggered and make the game unplayable for some. What creature feature(s) could be altered to ensure the game is more phobia friendly?
  7. Great game! I'm excited to see how it transforms over time. Please make a VR version of this game for at least the PC if not for all VR headsets too. This game is already super fun but it would be an insanely fun in VR with the ability to play crossplatform multiplayer. Pretty please?
  8. I confirm as well. Dew drops on grass, dew collector and the mushroom farm are not working properly. Sometimes the dew on the grass is there but not always and sometimes I'll play multiplayer and 1 or 2 of us see the dew on the grass while the others don't.
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