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Random grass growing in base.

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Not sure if this is happening to anyone else, but since this last update, I'm having dry, and regular grass stalks just sprouting up into my base every time I log into the game. Im assuming these are stalks I had cleared out before building my base. So now Im gonna have even more grass planks that I don't want. Please let us just destroy the grass!

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I know how you feel and I'm sorry.

I spent nearly 3 days purely cutting grass and stacking it. All the grass I cut down in those 3 days is now back. Please let us cut the grass and have it not come back, please! 

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That is unfortunate. Maybe it's glitched. Several updates ago, I thought they made it so grass never grew back. Maybe it just didn't work and they'll fix it later. 

It would be really cool of they allowed for the grass and dry grass to never grow back unless the player wanted it to and they performed a specific action. For example, they could make the base below the toxic spray container have a swith that turns the sprayer into a fertiliser sprayer. Provided, of course, the player puts enough resources of some kind in a machine. After that the player can choose which region(s) to fertilise and BAM! The grass grows back for that area.


Problem solved!

I want to mow my lawn and have the grass not grow back please!

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