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  1. Well, they're only found in one specific place, but they do respawn and you get 30 at a time. Im not gonna say where they are unless you specifically ask, in case you'd like to come across them on your own. Let me know if I can help. Im on Xbox and have grub goop i'm not even using if you want it.
  2. Have you discovered the muscle sprout yet? You can use those instead of grub goop. They're stronger anyway.
  3. Only things I can suggest are craft better armor and weapons, learn how to do the perfect block, and make a bunch of fiber bandages and health smoothies. Maybe play on an easier difficulty until you're more used to combat.
  4. First off, I'd love to have the green light of the firefly head lamp less foggy looking, and more illuminating like the torches are. They do the job, but that fogginess on the edges of the screen are distracting to me. It just looks like it's hazey. Second, can we PLEASE implement a way of mulching grass planks into plant fiber, or something other than useless planks that just sit around? Even if it were to just be a preview program debug option. Destroy all loose objects on map or something. Lastly, as far as smoothies go, I'd love to see some kind of gauge that shows how much time your smoothie has before it runs out, same with fiber bandages or any consumable that is time based.
  5. Does anyone else think that having an in game cloud storage of sorts, for objects you've built around your base that you don't want to just get rid of would be useful? Like if you had a ton of lights that you wanted to "stash", and bring back out at a later time to reuse again? Also, if there's a time where you build a wall in your base and want to add a door, you could just replace a wall panel with a door without having to break it down and completely rebuild it? These features are in other games and aren't exactly original anymore, but they're extremely useful when you can't stop building things in abundance like I do.
  6. Same here. Plenty of ladybugs, zero fireflies. They're just gone.
  7. So I haven't been in Grounded for a couple of updates now, and while I like most of the recent changes, I've noticed there's nowhere (that I've noticed) where you can see the smoothie recipes that you've discovered. Players that haven't played the game in some time shouldn't be expected to remember the recipes if thats the case. Also, a seperate issue that's been around since I first started playing, even with a brand new controller out of the box, is that if you're trying to slowly rotate an item left and right to try and center it, the game will keep rotating the item after you've stopped pressing either trigger. This is frustrating when you aren't satisfied with just dumping items around and want to take your time trying to center things, since there's no in game option to do that for you.
  8. Yeah, I have that issue too, but on xbox. I lost a few things before learning my lesson.
  9. Every time I organize my backpack and die, I go pick it back up and everything is jumbled. A minor inconvenience, but still.
  10. That's really weird. And no, my save is 262 days. Pfft. Im not really sure why that would only happen to some players but not all. I know its dumb, but have you tried uninstalling the game and redownloading it? Also, curious, what platform and version are you using? Im playing the Game Pass version on my Xbox One.
  11. I'd also like to see water beetles, snails and black widows. There's SO many insects they can choose from. It's limitless. And I agree 100% with you, I haven't been this interested in a game in FOR. EVER. It's been awesome.
  12. Luckily, i'm not having this issue, but I have seen a couple of other posts about it. Probably just jynxed myself too.
  13. I just wanted to throw out that if anyone, like me, has like 20 pallets of grass planks, you can (for xbox) use the LB to "snap" an item in place. With the current bug that makes items using this feature disappear, you can "delete" all your pallets. Which gets rid of all that unwanted grass. Just saying.
  14. I recently remade my entire base with stem floors and walls with palisades surrounding the base, so there's not a lot of green left in my base...... aside from these ugly grass stairs that don't match my new floors
  15. Well yeah, it does cancel the shot, but brings up that menu I mentioned. It technically does work, but it feels like a workaround rather than the feature I mentioned. Either way, its a small quality of life change, nothing major. But archer players would like the change, Im sure.
  16. I hit the block button and it brings up the ammo screen. So yeah, that technically works, and I'm probably being picky, but still. I'd rather just hit X. Fair enough point though.
  17. I keep hearing about these new crafting items for pollen, yet I've yet to ever find one. Nectar yes, but never pollen.
  18. Gotta say, as I'm trying to hunt bees, I'm getting tired of shooting my arrow into the ground to cancel the shot. Idk if there actually is a button for it, because if there is, I haven't found it. I keep wanting to just press X to cancel the shot like in most games that have bows. It's not a huge issue, but still would be a nice inclusion.
  19. Is anyone else running into these friggin' flash mobs of ants and weevils? The ants start killing the weevils, and kicking the weevil meat across the map, and my framerate just TANKS. I usually see this around the flower pot with spiders around the pond area, and near the upside down spilled paint can by the rake. I have seen it in other places, but these stand out at the moment. Seeing as I can hardly move at the pond. Super useful since I'm trying to hit bees with a bow
  20. Yep, I'm having all the same issues as well. I hate going to move a chest, and repeatedly opening said chest if I'm too close to it when I place it.
  21. Personally I use it similarly to the foundations when I'm making a base on uneven terrain, especially if the game won't let me place foundation for some reason. It's also needed to make tall staircases.
  22. Not a problem! Glad I was able to help ya.
  23. Use the game preview debug feature, remove nearby blueprints. Should fix it.
  24. Are there stairs leading up to the door? I've found in the past that you have to delete the stairs before you can replace a door. Stupid, I know. But still. Also, try rotating the door before placing, sometimes it helps.
  25. Both of those suggestions are actually really interesting. Never would have thought of suggesting that. I do occasionally like throwing my weapons, mostly the spears, but they tend to tumble, and get launched miles away from where it originally hit the ground. That needs attention, as well as the features you mentioned.
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