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  1. Hi, I play on PC, Windows 10, 32 Go RAM, intel i9 3.6 GHz and NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2070 super. I play with everything maxed out in graphics and the game run fine, except in two circonstances : Sometimes, when I open a milk molar and the glowing heart show. Everytime, during the Mantis boss fight. The game became nearly unplayable as soon as the pollens thingies explodes. I tried limiting the FPS, lowering the graphics quality or turning off the chromatic option (the "haze effect" as described in the menu, yet I never lagged in the Haze). Nothing work. I read the Mantis fight was crashing some xboxes. Well, it doesn't crash my PC but it put it to his knees. I hope you can find a fix, or if anyone have a workaround ? Because I'd like to kill the mantis again to make the full set
  2. I always cut the stump, and it grows back in my solo offline playthrough. My guess is it always grow back except if you build on it. The only time it didn't grow back was in the sandbox during early access, I cannot say if it was intended or a bug. Your best shot is to go to a place you don't really care about, take a screenshot of the grass, cut some whole and for some leave a stump... then come back a few days later and compare.
  3. There is also a lot of breakable rocks around the big rake.
  4. Hello, If I Remember right, there is a lot of pebbles and pebbles rock near the big shovel at the picnic table.
  5. Hello, I just want to say thank you, this game is awesome. I started playing just after the pond update and I made several playthrough before release (up until the into the wood update). Now I'm starting again for the release, and it feels really nice. It's a great job !
  6. I totally second that. I move with "esdf" keys on an azerty keyboard, and whatever I config my buildings always rotate when I move with them in construction mode. It get really dizzy when I go long distance with a pallet.
  7. Well, I'll be the devil's advocate here But I totally understand that it break your immersion. I don't think it's stranger than raw science. So maybe they can just implement some lore behind it, like raw science as a residue from shrinking... Or it's just because we play kids. Kids find shiny or strange or cool rocks, they collect them and make their weapons cooler with them : no logic here but it fits a child's view of the world. It kinda fits the theme of this backyard which is linked to childhood rather than adulthood (I mean, except the pipe and ashtray, everything is candies and toys).
  8. Hi, I noticed that weapons on weapon wall mount deteriorate over time. It did so on my mosquitoe rapier, on a crossbow and on a slime lantern. I didn't use them after putting them on display, yet they went from slightly used (bar near full) to a red durability bar in a few days.
  9. Hi, A feedback here for the difficulty scaling. I think the new scaling is okay, with 1 big exception : going from tier1 to tier2. It's not really a difficulty progress but a difficulty wall, that you probably have to cheese to cross and is probably a nightmare for new players. To go from tier1 to tier2, you'll need stinkbug, bombardier, and ladybug. - Bombardier beetles : There doable with tier1 axe, armor and shield, and some upgrades. - Ladybug : it's an epic boss fight with the tier1 hammer, and the head needed for the axe is rare, so you'll have to kill more than one. - Stinkbug : They're doable with tier1 but only if you have a gas mask... but you need stinkbug parts to build the mask. I don't know if it's me but the rotten gas mask seems to have disappeared from the hedge lab, even if it's still mentioned into the lab log. It was a story option to fight stinkbugs and go from tier1 to tier2. You can get some parts by farming spider eggs, for example the ladybug's head. It's a solution, but not really a rewarding one : it's really random and nothing point to it for a new player. I've done this in a playthrough with the hedge eggs, and it was a chore. My suggestion is to remove the stinkbug's parts from the gas mask components. Make it craftable with only tier1 parts (replace stinkbug parts with algae ?). This way, you can have a crafting/fighting route where you can craft the hammer by killing stinkbugs and bombardier, and then use it to kill the ladybugs for the axe. It'll still be a hard route, but at least one within reasonable reach and a clear path.
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