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  1. I've been raided many more times in the same fashion since my original post. It seems like it always happens right as I wake up from sleeping overnight. I'll wake up in the morning, I hear the horn sound, and then a raid starts. I really don't understand. Who can explain the raid mechanic to me?
  2. I need someone to help me understand the base raiding mechanics. I have been seemingly randomly raided three times now. There has not been a visual warning that things are amping up (i.e., "Larva want you gone.") On top of that, I have killed literally zero bugs leading up to them, either. There's not a meter or something that I don't know about where I can see how pissed a faction is/is getting, right? I don't want to turn raids off-- but I'd like to understand what is happening, here. Was something added in the most recent patch? I've never experienced this prior to very recently. I just don't get this. Is anyone else experiencing this, as well?
  3. I assume they changed it from the previous materials because it *forces* you to move all around the yard. You can't just find one spot to farm berry leather and one spot to farm quartzite and, instead, you have to spread out all over the yard. That's an argument against just rebalancing, I suppose. So I think, with that in mind, that I can understand why they didn't just rebalance. They wanted to push us into exploring more of the yard, so they incentivize us to do so. My hang up on the new system isn't the system, itself; it's the names. The names of the materials are what kill me. AND the fact that we can take a bunch of unrelated materials and apparently morph them into these new materials, magically. It's just so, so bad. (Although, I *could* get behind something like the glue station as an armor upgrade, mashing bug parts to make some type of paste or something. But turning a spider fang into a rock is just a bridge too far. It's asinine.)
  4. Ugh. Really?? It's just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. It's depressing. After playing all through Early Access, this final update has me NOT wanting to play at release. This has effectively ruined the game for me. Sad.
  5. I've been playing Grounded since the first year of release. I've got about 217 hours of playtime logged on Steam. I've never posted an opinion or feedback on anything Grounded-related prior to this. But I'm just so incredibly turned off by the new "nugget" system that I felt compelled to post. Though the nugget system is certainly an upgrade from the quartzite grind of the past, I find it to be a completely immersion-breaking, non-sensical solution. What the hell is a "nugget?" How can this "nugget" be used to upgrade armor or a weapon? I just don't get it. Not at all. It seems to me that this is a solution that has been implemented for a valid problem that has been done without a greater vision for what the game is supposed to be or how it's supposed to play. Previous upgrade system is way too grindy and needs changing? Let's just makeup a mcguffin item to solve that problem. And let's give that mcguffin a silly, nothing name, while we're at it... It's come as no small surprise to me that this, of all things, might be the straw that breaks the camel's back and pushes me to stop playing Grounded after release. The system, itself, is an upgrade to the previous system. But the implementation? I personally hate it. So, am I the only one?
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