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  1. When I said power, I meant for future content. In some way shape or form most survival games incorporate power and I doubt this one will be an exception. Thanks for your thoughts!
  2. I think that algae is a great way to add another harvestable resource. I would make a great alternating to mushrooms and maybe it could harvest power like a solar panel. I thing that the knifes being added in the next big patch (I believe) would harvest this resource. Thanks for you time and your thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. Whenever I am playing Grounded, PvE has always been hard because I can never block. This is because whenever I am fighting I am spamming RT because of habit and my blocks end up not registering. I think it would be better if you could be spamming RT and just block in the middle of the attack chain so you don't instantly die. I would make fights more skill based rather than gear based which is always a welcome change in most games.
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