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Harvestable Algae

What Algae Should Be Used For  

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  1. 1. Should it be used for food or power?

    • Food
    • Power

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I think that algae is a great way to add another harvestable resource. I would make a great alternating to mushrooms and maybe it could harvest power like a solar panel. I thing that the knifes being added in the next big patch (I believe) would harvest this resource. Thanks for you time and your thoughts would be appreciated.

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I am having trouble conceiving how you could use it for power literally. I could see it being used as a construction resources/crafting resource. Food would be kind of a maybe I don't know how the human body would hold up to just a glob of algae. I could see it being a way to make a window with curtains or a new floor type. Clothing would also be a good use. Give it a "Damp" skill that keeps you hydrated longer or something. Or use it with a bunch of spider parts for high tier stealth gear. It would definitely be a good add to the game though!

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