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  1. Would spiders really care about a Lure trap based on smell? Spiders would be more likely to care about moving prey or at least just the carcass itself since they drink the life juices from them. Plus the smells they care about are probably different than insects.
  2. I grew up on a farm in Texas and remember stink bugs way earlier than 98 existing. Though you are right they do look different. I wouldn't go as far as to say they should be removed. Just redesigned or just accepted as creative freedom. We honestly can't go into tooooo much realism nitpicking for a EA game that not only has advanced AI but has it at such a small scale. Oh and we have shrinking tech so that also makes it hard to argue realism lol. Even the new water update showing leaches like crazy in the pond is already extra unrealistic with just the raw number of them in there. I am ok with
  3. I am having trouble conceiving how you could use it for power literally. I could see it being used as a construction resources/crafting resource. Food would be kind of a maybe I don't know how the human body would hold up to just a glob of algae. I could see it being a way to make a window with curtains or a new floor type. Clothing would also be a good use. Give it a "Damp" skill that keeps you hydrated longer or something. Or use it with a bunch of spider parts for high tier stealth gear. It would definitely be a good add to the game though!
  4. They are aware of the issues and are working on it as we speak. Most people are adapting by making a base by the flowers and using the nectar that spawns there as a decent source of recurring food and water. Hopefully they add other methods of hydration and sustenance. Perhaps a large building that you place dirty water gathered by a canteen and it uses solar energy or a fire to turn say X drops of dirty water into 1 drop of clean water. Farming could also be expanded to include various sizes of mushroom farm. Maybe even traps that attract weevils to a cage and lock them in until you can come
  5. I agree allot of what I am seeing as "feedback and suggestions" is just inevitable stuff. Everyone is already aware of the lack of story and progression. And simply stating we need more is not really helpful. They clearly already have a general story in mind and have laid the groundwork down for that story. Honestly I think the way they are building this game so far is spot on how everyone should. They made a great looking game with a great concept and developed just enough of the main systems to make it playable and fun. They have a ton of room to work with and tons of material to pull from
  6. We definitely need to see hostile insects that actively hunt certain insects. Really it just boils down to the fact that every update will need to have 10% of focus on fine tuning ecosystem complexity. Everything tends to balance out and now humans(the most powerful source of imbalance) in the world are actively effecting these creatures. Sadly this will be a forever project as each new insect will need predators and prey to properly mimic real world cycles. Luckily there is plenty of cross over and they already have the basics of the food chains in the game. Now we just need to beef up their
  7. I could get behind a movable cart similar to The Forest had for logs or stones. We already have pretty well defined "paths" that stretch around and keep the resource balance by requiring decent space for moving a bulky "cart" full of materials. Eventually you could even have an insect that acts similar to a horse or cow that can have a cart attached to it for even more material logistics.
  8. I really like this idea. It would be a great transition towards moving into the house and developing the threats that would exist there. Considering the amount of research infrastructure I would say it is safe to assume who ever owns the house is apart of if not in charge of this integrating operation and would have extensive internal infrastructure integrated inside or under the house itself. We could also have a "boss" fight where you have to deal with a "small" mouse in order to actually enter the house. Or have a much larger wolf spider if not a different breed all together as a separate "
  9. I really like this idea. I think it leads more to the idea of taming or even domesticating certain insects. Science even backs this possibility. It would make sense to see ants creating rooms in their tunnels that grow and tend to mushrooms for food. Same goes for a room built to take care of "domesticated" aphids to harvest their honeydew. Even spiders tend to keep small frogs as pets in exchange for extra egg defense. It would make perfect sense a human at scale would easily be able to have a symbiotic relationship with ants. Maybe not to the extent of domestication , more of a thin alliance
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