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  1. Additional ideas: 1) Red weeds need to respawn ( maybe this is just a bug but I've gone 20 in-game days without them respawning even after removing the leftover stems) 2) Possibly the option for a mini map 3) Improving multiplayer frame rates. Example: Lighting drops frame rates significantly in multiplayer 4) Making weeds float. Seeing that weeds don't respawn, I hate chopping down a weed and half of all of my logs drop into the pond and sink to the bottom, making them unable to collect and use 5) Possibly a technology tree that unlocks using research science that all
  2. Base building has to be one of the funnest aspects of Grounded. That being said, a major Improvement could be added to the game. I really wish the developers would allow us to build the walls into the environment. I can't tell you how many times the game has prevented me from adding a floor piece, a diagonal corner piece, or a set of stairs just because it starts to merge into either the ground or one of the logs that I'm building my base on top of over by the Great Oak Tree. The invisible wall of the environmental structures should not impede my ability to snap a base building part to another
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