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  1. This is solely for cosmetic purposes, I personally think it would add a nice touch of customization to the game, You would still have to earn the previous armor and wear it to gain the set bonus and other buffs. It would just be nice to me if I could wear my favorite mask without crippling myself, and on the topic of certain armor ruining some aspects of other armor visually that armor could take up certain armor could take up either both slots or you just loose the set bonus. Or you could mix certain armor together which could be cool.
  2. I bought Grounded a couple of days ago after watching some stream highlights of people being scared of the insects in the game. After putting a good twelve hours into the game I have more or less fallen in love with the game and its atmosphere and art style. The insects in the game have a ton of personality from the two different spiders different attack patterns and movement, to the tiny aphids getting startled if you walk too close. I can't speak for the story quite yet as there is not too much to digest however character interactions despite me personally feeling a tad annoyed and felt as i
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