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  1. This sound more fair! but having big people walking around you is a really cool idea! But without them destroying our base ofc. But I really wish they add them into the game sometime in the future! Makes the feeling of being "Small like an ant" even more REAL!
  2. Fair enough, but maybe they could add a filter like they did with those spiders. Like, you can turn them on/off. So people with good system can play where those owner of the house appear and people who have older system/console which struggle can turn it off.
  3. Hi Everyone! I am new to this game, and so far I love it! its both insane and cosy at the same time :-) What I would love to see in the game would be, big humans coming in the backyard sometimes. Like maybe the owner of the house or something? Lets say the owner of the house comes out in the backyard and we have to be carefull for not getting stepped on by big feets etc. This indeed would maybe make the game feel more "Alive" ?
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