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  1. Yeah no o2 required for a a few seconds still exploring the pond haven't found anything crazy yet
  2. Why does something that's equipped to my character still take up a back pack space? I can understand some stuff (multiple weapons your canteen resources ect.) But the armor I'm wearing? Please fix. Loving the game and update cant wait for more.
  3. Finally figured it out an embarrassing amout of time plugging everything into the smoothie machine , 1 water flea meat, 1 clover, 1 plant fiber. Liquid gills
  4. Alright guys I know someone has it figured out what's water flea meat for
  5. Some sort of head slot armor that has a slime mold light or a sap light, so you can fight with two handed weapons and still see what your doing.
  6. Hatch ant eggs inside the structure, swing away!!!
  7. If you hold onto an item in your storage box and close it, the icon for that item and your cursor stay on screen.
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