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  1. I do agree that the mints shouldn't regrow as they can be a little over powered having too many mint clubs. But this being said, I have had issues with mine where i've broken the mints but can't collect the pieces as i cannot get into the mint tub. So I feel that once the preview has ended and the game is out properly, may be refresh the mint pack once for those like myself who have had issues.
  2. I do feel that having an option to craft multiples would be beneficial to the gamer. I'm creating a skyway with the new fence posts and the fibre is just so timely. Gathering is slow enough and then you have to individually craft each one. I think it would be amazing to have an extra button alongside craft to batch craft.
  3. Sorry, I forgot to mention 1 more thing. 4. A batch craft option on the crafting menu. Having to keep crafting individuals when you need multiples is quite time consuming. I'd like to have the option to batch craft all of my plant fibres at once.
  4. So from playing the game on release on the Xbox, I feel these things need to be added: 1. When you place a 3 beam Weed Stem Scaffold attached to stairs, the Triangle floor plate actually stops you from walking smoothly off the stairs onto it. You have to jump. Frustrating! 2. The mint Tub is not accessible at all, yet you can break the odd mint but not claim any of what breaks off if its too far in. 3. Could it be possible to craft lights that can attach to the walls of an Ants Nest. You can add them to a certain point but i'm guessing you cant build below a certain point
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