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  1. since I downloaded a 4gb update I have random crashing I have no issue going in and around my base but the game is just crashing for what seems like no reason. I could be going around collecting up plant fibers and bam dashboard. walking back towards the base not near it yet will some weed logs bam dashboard. I noticed before the update that loose materials tend to lag the game so I keep as much as I can on pallets or in chests to minimize the physics from loose objects bouncing around. before the update I had no crashes.
  2. I get power back after a tropical storm put me in the dark for a few days, downloaded a 4 GB update and now the game keeps crashing on me. doesn't seem to be while I am doing anything intensive just walking around. anyone else having this issue? I know the game is still early build but before the update I hadn't dealt with a single crash.
  3. That could be interesting, I know there are already buffs like ant armor increasing you carry capacity and acorn armor increasing your health. but I do think it would be a great idea to be able to craft different styes of gear based on how you like to play. I second this.
  4. if you play on Xbox and have a chat pad on your controller the 1-8 buttons quick select the items on the hot pouch. I likeusing those way more then the radial.
  5. 1) It is too accidentally recycle base parts that have been built at one point I was planting the design parts and wanted to move one the the blue outlines when I hit (B) the base wall behind it was recycled as well. 2) Ants can steal supplies from boxes through walls if a box is with in a couple feet from the wall. 3) I know they are placed with the base builder but I think a storage basket or chest so long as it is empty you should be able to pick it up and move it to another location without having to break it. maybe some of the other smaller items as well like a work bench.
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