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  1. I have to rebuild them each time I do some changes near them >_<.
  2. Well, at least it is not burn. I would like to see mint-powered fridge. Meat attracts stupid ants though. It is the reason I'm not storing it or aphid honedew. Maybe if it stored in the fridge it could be invisible for ants?
  3. I have plenty of quartzite, it is natural to use it for its purpose. Repairing is much faster and convenient than finding parts, building new tool, then trashing broken one.
  4. There is a cave under one of the three "laser installations", one which have it's cable gnawed by mites. You can mine quartzite there each two days. You suggesting to fix something that is not broken. It is much more convinient to repair tools and weapons with quartzite. I don't want to interrupt resource mining for searching ingredients for a new tool, or do not want to store spare tools in inventory, thank you very much. I always have a stack of quartzite on me, so I can repair my tools/weapons when needed without seaching ingredients to make a new one. T
  5. One of the biggest problems in Grounded is to find even surface to build on it. Or, there is place I want to build the base, but terrain is too uneven? For something relatively small like buildings it can be solved by using scaffolds and clay foundation, but for something bigger like home surrounded by a fence? It would be great to build first simple home without floor near the first field station, but the ground is too eneven there. This leads to the situations when you start planning the base from one side, and when you came to the opposite side, you have a fence or the door hanging in the a
  6. Well, you can copy save files somewhere? Not the most elegant solution, but it will work.
  7. Huh, it may be used as some armor perk if they will not add larger backpacks.
  8. I don't like tier idea part, I like how they made armor in the game, each armor have interesting feature, so there is less "passage" content you abandon for better version. If only for weapons...
  9. That would be great. There is place with spiderlings, I fallen into the hole and could not get out of there, so I have to give up and to bring grass planks to make improvised bridge.
  10. Water purifier. Some kind of filter that will convert dirty water into clean over time. Or simply boiling water I suppose. Some kind of recipe for purifying water through boiling should appear like character "idea" recipe, I think that basic option should be available from the beginning. Water walking boots. (There is water striders in wiki.) Grappling hook. Kinda obvious, and was already mentioned, but still.
  11. I don't like the idea that part of content may be locked behind certain difficulty, it is not right. People should not be forced to play on certain difficulty.
  12. I support idea about armor, there should be designated slots for armor, so it would not take place in inventory, weapons and tools take more then enough place. Also, it will be good if armor will be equipped in these slots automatically when picking up backpack, like weapons and tools do. Customization would be great. Different clothes (different colors?), accessories. I want to remove these spectacles , Option to choose skin color too.
  13. Yes, shields is something you expect when you have melee weapons in the game.
  14. Agreed. It is possible to build scaffold, but not the floor
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