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  1. Suggestion of new bug - Earwig (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earwig) I don't like them...
  2. Sorry, I thought you were against bulding on high ground. I'm sure there will be threats from the air in the future. There are already hints of bees in the game and there are commands to summon both bees and mosquitos. I am more of a casual player and I hope they keep the possibility to have a safe zone.
  3. There is a large magnifying glass in the game. It's in one of the areas marked as under construction.
  4. I like the focus on the garden, but I'm very curious on how it could be inside the house. I mean the large house which the garden belongs to.
  5. I have a grass wall. On top of it there are kind of "battlements" looking. If I build stairs leading up to the top of the wall, the "battlements" are cut of and the wall fits nicely under the stair's height. If I save and then load the game the wall has become full height with the "battlements" and I have to jump to get past it when I walk up the stairs.
  6. I met a group av Larvas close to my house. I attacked one of them and the rest attacked me, except one that started attacking my house. A couple of times a spider has chosen to attack my house instead of me. At these occations I've had the bug between me and my house so it has been obvious when they have chosen to attack the house instead of me.
  7. The bugs seems like existing ones. Dandelion has it's name. But Weed? What is that? Perfect opportunity to teach us some different kind of plants!
  8. There is a Bee Armor to be found in the world. I hope that means bees are coming in the future.
  9. I agree with some of the issues, but the saves and building your home on safe high ground I don't agree with. Let the possibility be there, it's optional for you to use.
  10. I had the same problem with ants once. I hit one and got attacked by a large group. Game ran in 1 FPS at best. But I could get get into the menu and load.
  11. Grass Floor shouldn't require multi-floor building knowledge. If you know how to build a wall, a windowed wall and a door I think you also should be able to build a floor.
  12. A larva destroyed one of the Clay Foundations my house was built on. It had a Storage Chest on it and because the Storage Chest is in the way I can't build a new Clay Foundation or Grass Floor where the old one was, because the Storage Chest is in the way.
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