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  1. Greetings, everyone. I hope you're having a nice day. As the title says, what are some survival horror games that require a considerable time investment to beat? I've recently stumbled upon "Lost in Vivo" which seems to be right up my alley save for its disappointingly short campaign. I don't hold it against the developer because they're indie and all but it has me thinking whether there are any other games in the same vein that take more than just a few sittings to complete. Does anything come to mind? Cheers to anyone who helps me fill my upcoming Christmas break with neat games.
  2. I recommend avoiding the horrid D&D movies, such as: Always find it strange whenever I talk to someone that says they like the D&D movies but didn't like the Mortal Kombat ones lol (basically the same thing in a different package). Huh, I think there was a re-run of this movie on local TV just the other day. Didn't hang around since I don't watch any. EDIT: I would definitely be down for some D&D animation à la Paul Johnson (Otaking) though.
  3. If I recall, the Bhaalspawn depending on your choices in the game can have a baby with either the drow or the avari'el mage, although the former only comes up in the ending. Seems much easier to weld into a potential sequel's story than Duke Abdel or someone dying in a battle and half the original cast having been eaten alive. I pretend the books were never written.
  4. Now that you've brought up Blizzard, I guess you could go so far as to say they strive to be 'wholesome'. The thing is, their games don't seem to have very much depth to them story-wise (I did enjoy playing Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2 when I was growing up) and nowadays as a young man with an overbearing sense of entitlement I can't bring myself to replay them anymore since neither the setting nor lore catch my fancy. On the other hand, BG (which is a flawed gem in my view) was just as entertaining and gripping when I was a kid (didn't beat it back then) as it was on my first successful run a few months ago. So yeah, making a game that both kids/teens and grown-ups will find to their liking is tough as nails but that's why we call them 'classics' or 'timeless'. EDIT: In addition, Blizzard does get political: https://archive.fo/vn46j
  5. I can relate to your wearing nostalgia goggles and not wanting a potential new installment to tarnish the spell that has laid hold of you since beating the original saga but think of it this way: it's not all about you and me, there are other gamers right now with a fledgling interest in CRPG's and I believe they deserve a chance to capture the same feeling of awe and inspiration that we did when we first began playing BG. I really don't understand why there is such unwillingness to greenlight a third game. Look how many sequels Final Fantasy has cranked out. Some are better and others are worse yet scarcely anyone is calling for an end to the series. Personally I've always wanted a Disney of sorts (the Disney of old, mind you) in the video game industry that makes wholesome and relatively family-friendly games with a lot of depth, which is also why I'm not a big fan of Greenwood's and his Forgotten Realms 'canon'. Anyway, BG is the closest thing to have scratched that itch for me and I'm sure many others will agree. I think of Siege of Dragonspear as an utter failure and yet my fondness for the original series has not waned. Just give it a shot and hope for the best. If it fails, big deal!
  6. I'm glad you liked it. Check out his channel, I think he's working on Street Fighter right now. Also, he has uploaded a sneak peek into what he calls a 'space Vietnam mech' anime. It's a crying shame he doesn't have more patrons.
  7. Please, no third person camera. Isometric gives you a clear and unhindered view of the battlefield. If I'm not mistaken BG was a real-time strategy game in its early stages, which is where the isometric angle came from.
  8. Okay, I imagine that's an American campus you're talking about, which isn't necessarily a representative sample of mankind. I don't think there has been real pushback yet because mere chatter on the Internet and in gatherings is a far cry from what associations standing up for queers, transsexuals etc. have done over the course of a few decades. Most of the activism has been done within the bounds of law, which I would be a fool to take issue with. That said, you will see actual blowback from rival members of society when people begin crowdfunding entertainment media that's diametrically opposed to something Beamdog would come up with for example. It seems silly when you first think about it but down the road I'll wager video game developers in particular will bear in mind the message their games deliver to players with their cast of characters, setting, writing, art direction and so forth. Is this a bad thing? Certainly not. If anything, I strongly believe it will raise the bar for future games and make them a lot more enjoyable. Motion picture underwent the same shift from pure entertainment value to social commentary in its heyday and people nowadays don't seem to mind anymore so much as they choose what they want to see from a wide variety of movies. P.S. In reality I know the motion picture industry is heavily monopolized, which has unwholesome bearing on your selection but I needed an example to work with. P.P.S. Some of my favorite Star Wars media was made by a fan. The comments section is hilarious. ( )
  9. Expansion pack? You mean the mod they made and charged money for where the Forgotten Realms were turned into a re-education camp? Yeah, that was GOTY material *cough*. In all fairness though, Ed Greenwood liked it since it held true to the source material.Hmmmm... Surely, by your definition of a mod, the BGII expansions should have been for free to all buyers and games like Team Fortress, Blue Shift and Portal should just be free mods as well. You say that but what your reasons behind it? How exactly did they "screw" things over or is just because they made those sjw companions and everyone didn't like the fact that they are for inclusion? Which is really irrelevant to quality. Soy. I was talking about Siege of Dragonspear. I distinctly remember Trent Oster going on a tangent how there's a loud minority giving the game a bad wrap for including companions with unconventional lifestyles. Not only did Trent teach me and others that straight people were suddenly a minority on planet Earth, he also banned people from the Beamdog boards for not singing his praise and had his camp guards rate the game perfect on the Internet. 'Inclusion' is a poor excuse for bad writing and responding to criticism by calling people 'soyboys' or 'snowflakes' is a foolproof way to lose customers in the long run. When your characters are defined by their sexuality or their political affiliation, perhaps you are not cut out to be a writer.
  10. Expansion pack? You mean the mod they made and charged money for where the Forgotten Realms were turned into a re-education camp? Yeah, that was GOTY material *cough*. In all fairness though, Ed Greenwood liked it since it held true to the source material.
  11. Beamdog have chimed in on the fuss saying they're not working on the supposed BG3. I for one am glad. I think they'd have bitten far more than they could chew. https://www.pcgamesn.com/baldurs-gate-3-larian-studios
  12. Can I import my character? Do I get to play as the Bhaalspawn's offspring (pls don't hate on Aerie)? So many things going through my mind right now. If it's a brand new setting then why bother naming it BG3? Hopefully it's remotely tied to the original saga at the very least.
  13. This much is true. Open-world games struggle to come up with a consistent and unbroken narrative since side quests sweep the main plot aside making the player pay less heed to what is meant to be the meat and potatoes of the game's story. In theory, a remedy to this plague would be to tie the side quests into your main objective either by dumping lots of lore or shedding new light on recurring themes in the main quest line. Just so the player doesn't shake their head in disappointment after wrapping up a side quest and curse the developers for wasting their time fetching a worthless item for an ill-spoken NPC who seems out of place in the game's world.
  14. I know BG sets the bar high for role-playing games (my all-time favorite saga by the way) but I can't take too kindly to what seems like game developers cashing in on BG nostalgia and missing the mark as far as what actually made BG great. Their crowdfunding and sales pitches are like 'yo this is yet another bland fantasy setting but guess what we loved Baldur's Gate so give us your money please'. Nah, it shouldn't work like that. I'd like BG3 very much (playing as the Bhaalspawn's child in some other part of Faerun for instance) however RPG's will turn out much better if developers strive to do their own thing so the sum of their games' parts amounts to a story worthy of standing right there alongside the Bhaalspawn saga.
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