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  1. The flying mini robot thingy you can get for Parvati’s room is way too loud. It’s just as loud as the normal sized flying robots, so I feel like the noise could be scaled down a little to match it. Not really the biggest problem in the world, but I would take it up with Parvati if I could.
  2. I don’t see what’s difficult to understand. If I put a helmet on a character and decide that I don’t like how it looks on them, why shouldn’t I be able to take it off? I didn’t even know you couldn’t take helmets off of companions until I ran into the problem. It’s just a really strange design choice. Why shouldn’t you be able to unequip companion helmets? What benefit is there to removing such a simple option?
  3. Yes, I know you can make companion helmets invisible in the settings. No, that is not the same as being able to unequip them. What if I want to see helmets on some companions but not others? Why does this even need to be a problem in the first place? It’s such a ridiculously annoying design choice in an otherwise great game.
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