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  1. I didn't like how the game release was handled but what is the option? "Since we didn't launch on steam no one gets any DLC." Definitely fall under the it what it is category from my perspective.
  2. It is good you like the game it is always interesting when fans insist a company must do something as they really don't have to, I think it would be wise for them to expand the universe they have started but realize they are under no obligation to do so. According to another thread it seems DLC will be developed I am hoping with not to much haste, Obsidian needs to correct some of the flaws and expand on what is good but it would be best if they took the time to do it right. Beyond continuing the story the development of modding tools would be a great boon to this game.
  3. Cool I wonder where they will take the story. I see two logical paths one to follow the thread back to see what happens to cause Earth to be cut off from Halycon, the other being to see what the colonists on the Hope are able to overcome the obstacles remaining at the end of The Outer World. Maybe we will get both as I think both would be good ways to go. I am hoping that as part of DLC they implement a modding tool as I think that would really lengthen the longevity of the game.
  4. So I guess that is the hit it with a hard object solution for The Outer World!
  5. The only effect you can get regarding science weapons is a positive so not taking any perks won't change the base damage on science weapon. I would skip them though as if you don't tinker with them they are quite weak. To get the full benefit without breaking your pocket book really requires investment in science. The only perks to help science only seem to effect your damage with them so the only way to boost them for companions is through tinkering. I have not found any use for skill boosts for companions if I do use them it is things like range damage +5 but I find the ability to survive given by heavy armor more useful then a slight skill boost.
  6. Well they seem to get bonuses if you equip a weapon matching what they do for their specials or the weapon type they originally used. The thing is that if you level up damage over all becomes very over powered so they will do fine with any weapon you wish to throw on to them. I do prefer to use the heaviest armor for my companions as I feel the skill bonuses on the lighter armors are wasted on them and the heavier stuff really helps their ability to survive battles.
  7. I think the developers thought so as well but doesn't seem to be the case.
  8. Well balance is an interesting concept for a single player game. I agree the plasma rifle is powerful and will get you through the game if you choose to only use that, there is the option to use other weapons if you choose to though. This reminds me of an old argument about Arcanum there where one or two builds that where very powerful combat wise but so many other ways to build if you chose to. The argument about balance came up then too with a lot of people saying the game was boring or too easy because they only used a few builds considered to be the meta. I would of liked to see the dialogue skills utilized more but I guess the marauders are suppose to be mindless humanoids for some reason. There are a couple times in a play through where you can talk the battle into not happening or get someone on your side, but for the general engagement it does have a shoot them all focus.
  9. It is kind of an interesting slant to think of ADA as a wife for the "captain" but it doesn't really work when you take in the interaction ADA has with SAM. Then in one of the cut scenes after you finish the game there is the possibility that Parvati stays one the ships and develops a relationship with ADA. How relationships in games are handled has always been interesting especially when the characters story starts in the middle of the consciousness stream. It is not really mentioned but hinted at that the corporations would of preferred a family unit as colonists as opposed to individuals since it is easier to influence someone who has more then just themselves to worry about. It can be assumed that we the protagonists had family on the HOPE which might be a reason no romance would develop between us and a crew member. I am casually playing Red Dead Redemption one of the quests is from an NPC that is an ex fiance of the protagonist I might of been projecting but I liked how the dialogue hinted at all the things that had happened between two people when she asks for help. It would be really cool in a sequel or a DLC to see how the people on HOPE that I assume you knew where developed with all the past experience at least hinted at.
  10. Well I used the email I was given to report it but thanks for the link to the OTHER support forum.
  11. Reading through that all I could think was how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood!? You could of gone with a simple sentence like Super Nova is what the baseline difficulty should be. I am doing a play through with a level 1 character on hard difficulty ( I just found SN tedious while not adding much to the challenge) this is after several play throughs. I am finding I need to be a bit more aware of position, use the consumables and be more willing to retreat but so far nothing has been really difficult. So you do have a point! I would really like an option to choose the survival elements instead of it being a part of one difficulty level. Hey OEL_Wolf maybe pin your go to this different forum message in a separate thread, it would greatly lower your work load of going into every thread and saying the same thing.
  12. Well I can subjectively say I appreciate both games for what they are without putting it on a rating scheme that will be different for everyone.
  13. I have not but there are several mods on Nexus that adjust the .ini in what I assume is a permanent manner. Maybe you can find one you like.
  14. There are a few bugs I have had pop up but performance has always been solid.
  15. You are both right as the UI does have a lot of little things you have to look in to figure out what they mean. I do recall a pop up about pristine items but if you where in combat or moving fast you could easily miss it. The dots that tell you how many mods are attached to an item where less clear, it might be in the codex but how I figured it out was through trial and error. I attached a mod then noticed the dot was filled in that gave me the eureka moment of what that meant. It was also confusing at first how the different damage was handled combined with the DPS vs damage of a weapon. You can totally get by using plasma on everything but if you switch up between different types of damage for the different mobs it becomes noticeable. The same with a quick high damage weapon which is good for unarmored things compared to a slower high damage weapon that is good for high armor items. It isn't necessary to utilize it as you can make it through the game ignoring it completely but if you use the system it does make things easier.
  16. That is what I am doing. I have a build with below average intelligence that I won't level but I still had to place points into other attributes to be allowed to continue character creation. So I have a strong dumb guy who is going to remain level 1. So far I haven't seen any difference in how the story has developed for him but only a few quests in at Edgewater.
  17. Unfortunately the adjusted skill levels don't open up the skill perks. So to get that ability you will have to put points into lock pick to get it to 60 without any adjustment. To me it was kind of a silly perk anyway as even if I could see what was inside I still was likely to pick the lock for the experience I received from using the skill, which opened up the container that I could then shift through.
  18. I was going to make a build that had subpar attributes and skills but I guess that isn't possible. The logic in the universe make sense as corporations would be selective on who they sent out to colonize but it would be nice to play the anomaly that slipped through the venting process. I guess the best I can do is make a level 1 character who is really dumb, so far not impressed as all that does if give me a conversation option but all the rest seems to be the same.
  19. Anything that has a withdrawal de-buff in the description I considered a drug.
  20. When I read the description of no Hydrogen or Oxygen in the description I got a good chuckle out of it.
  21. Well what I got from the OP is that even though you can choose a male but still get some very feminine appearance and vise versus for females. You don't see things such as female NPC's having beards or male NPCs having the Farrah Faucet hairdo even though it is an option when you make your character.
  22. Look into dodging Froce58. I had several builds going each with their own hard save and then the quick and autosaves, I noticed a slow down once I deleted saves for builds I had already taken past the no return point TOW seemed to return to its previous performance for cut scenes. No idea why but there might be a memory leak related to a high number of saves for the game.
  23. Well if you want to change a characters head gear you need another piece of head gear. If you are talking about not seeing the head gear I know there is an option on PC that lets you hide both the companions and the players head gear. I would hope they allowed the same option on PS4.
  24. I would like to see mods but I am not sure the design of the game will keep peoples interest. Once you pass a certain point you can't continue to play that character like you can in open world game. There might be one or two with enough interest to mod it but I think the majority will move on to other games.
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