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  1. What an anticlimatic ending Until tartarus I was seriosly invested in the game, after those two reveals in bizantium, things were shaping to be pretty interesting to the real conflict of halcyon; it kind of pushes you in a situation were you have to make a serious choice that will impact the future of halcyon. But I kind of vaporises into a really rushed ending, kind of wrapping things up fast, and then that epilogue hits you and your told all the things that you probably wanted to actually do or make choices about. It felt like they run out of money or something
  2. I agree its a great implementation of the unreal engine on maps that are quite large (Monarch specially)
  3. Its orchestated like Mass Effect Andromeda, or maybe a mix of ME:A and Knights of the Old Republic
  4. I have no interest in playing those RPG's, maybe Disco but its kind of too much for me, I don't known, TOW has my vote so far
  5. When I'm playing TOW I get Fallout 4 vibes sometimes, its kind of pacey as a game, just like Fallout, its not just action all the time But I think TOW has a vibe of its own, the alien landscape and wildlife give to the game a very distinct and unique feeling Also the world and writing in general is very different to the new fallout's. I can see some similarities with Fallout 1 though In no way its a mediocre game, it is just made on a more humble budget, I'm sure all game developers wish had the money (and herefore time) Bethesda has for making their games
  6. My only concerns are with the only sleep and save on the ship, I can widly guess the philosophy behind this, but still, if there is a bed you should be able to sleep in it, or in any case rent a bed Same thing with the saves, I think a save on sleep will probably fix it
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