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  1. 1. The available options to turn the targeting reticle on and off should be expanded in my opinion. Right now it’s either all on or all off. Ideally, there would be separate options for ads and non ads. I would like to keep the reticle on at all times when not ads so I can hip fire accurately. However when ads, I would prefer to only have the reticle on if it is part of the weapon sight being used, meaning that iron sights on any weapon will have it turned off. 2. It is good that pressing X (on xbox) will no longer pull out your weapon when interacting with something or speaking to someone. However there is still a huge issue because sometimes you think you’re pointed at something but it’s not or you press X too early before it’s locked onto the object. What this means that very often I will still pull out my weapon when trying to interact with things or trying to pick things up, especially if it’s some stuff on a table and i just wanna spam X to pick it all up quickly. It is very annoying to have to carefully slowly and deliberately aim at each individual object and ensure that is is definitely highlighted before pressing X just so I won’t pull the gun out by accident The solution to this problem is very simple: make it so that pressing X does not draw your weapon ever, or at least add the option for this. There are already many ways to draw your gun: Y, RS, LT, RT. X would not be missed for this function at all
  2. I really hope they address this in the next update, although it wasn’t in the patch notes that were released so it’s not looking good I play on xbox one S and this is the main thing bringing down my experience the game is fun but I cannot overlook something that is so pervasive when I play and it affects my opinion of it quite a bit. I have actually been holding off and not playing anymore on purpose in the hopes that the issue will be fixed so i can enjoy the rest of the game with a decent framerate. I wish the developers would at least say something about this topic so we know whether or not they’re even looking into it. I would imagine that such a large issue should be priority number 1 in terms of making the gameplay experience better for everyone who has to deal with this problem.
  3. Yea i actually mentioned this issue in my first post about improving gameplay, I said pressing X to interact with things or talk to people should not draw your weapon ever
  4. I am still enjoying my time with this game although low framerate remains an issue. I have seen more things that I believe would make the experience better for all players. 1. I think there should be an option to turn off the white dot when aiming down sights. It is there as a guide but the iron sights are perfectly fine and unless the dot itself is actually part of the sight/scope being used I find it rather unnecessary and would like to have it off. A good example is the revolver, having a white dot for those iron sights is pointless unless you prefer it. 2. It would be nice to have the ability to lock your equipment like you can in destiny. Some items you definitely want to keep so if they are locked that means they cannot be sold or broken down by accident and it would also make inventory management easier because if i see a lock symbol i know right away which one it is so i don’t have to hover over it to check 3. In the inventory it should keep the same items next to each other. It is odd having to look around to see how many of x weapon i have because they are all scattered randomly as far as i can tell. And it would also help to have a sorting filter for gear. The sorting options could be weapon type, dps, damage type, weight, etc. 4. Something that annoys me and I really hope they change is that you cannot unequip a weapon when it is the one currently being held. So i have to back out of the menu, switch weapons and then go back in to change out the first one one. 5. I wish you didn’t have to unequip a weapon first at the top before you are able to put something in it’s place. An ideal system for me would be: you select a weapon from your inventory, click on a button that says “equip”, then the cursor jumps to the top with your currently equipped guns, and whichever of the four you click on is the one that gets replaced (including if it’s the one currently being held by your character) 6. This is relatively minor, but when I have skill points left over to spend and i open the menu it always takes me to the character screen. I don’t think this happens when all points have been spent but i can’t remember. Either way i hope they make it so that no matter what whenever you open the menu it brings you back to the last tab you left off on. I sometimes like waiting to assign skill points but then i have to deal with this issue. If i want to look at the map, every time I open the menu I have to move over 3 tabs because it always starts on the character screen.
  5. Thanks, I didn’t start playing until a while after launch so I can’t compare, loading times have been consistent since i began the game. Xbox one X is much more powerful so i would expect no framerate issues on there but i’m on the one S and I think the hardware is not strong enough hopefully they can fix this. Good point about the map I noticed that too but it would be easier if they just made it faster. As the person above mentioned dash is unlocked at dodge level 20 I didn’t realize this until i started reading all the abilities.
  6. I was standing by the entrance to primal nest which is near emerald vale community center I opened my menu to check something and when i exited back into the game my character started falling through the ground until he died
  7. I am mostly enjoying the game so far. I play on xbox one S with game pass and currently have 3 hr 37 min playtime. My feedback is all gameplay related and is stuff I have been able to clearly see in this amount of time. The biggest issue I have and the main reason why I said “mostly enjoying” is the bad framerate and constant dips/stutters. It is very noticeable and quite annoying and does significantly affect the gameplay experience making it not smooth. It even happens when simply walking/running and looking around. I turned down my settings to 1080p and 120 Hz but it still happened. Hopefully this can be fixed in a patch because it is the number one thing holding the game back. Something that irks me and I think can be easily addressed is the ability to keep your weapon stowed away when pressing X to speak with someone. Right now every time I press x to talk my guy pulls out his gun and then I have to put it away after every conversation. This also applies when I’m opening doors or interacting with containers any time X is used. If I’m in a town I prefer to keep my weapon stowed at all times. The next thing I hope to see improved is the controller sensitivity options. The aiming is ok and serviceable but I am a hardcore fps player and very picky about this stuff. I believe that two things should be added to drastically improve the shooting experience. 1-Have separate options for tuning vertical and horizontal sens. 2-This one is more important to me, separate hipfire sens and aiming down sight sens to allow for more precision when ads. The last two are much more minor but I still believe they would help the game get better. First I think the marker on the map screen moves way too slow and takes incredibly long to drag from one area to another. It should either be sped up by double or give us an option in settings to increase it if we want to. Finally I think the ability to dash forward should be added into the game. Every other direction works so this would make sense to me. If I’m using a melee weapon or shotgun and want to close the gap I’d rather dash in than sprint for a second it would just be more fluid and satisfying to do. EDIT: During my time playing today I noticed this is already in the game but needs to be unlocked so it’s not an issue. Hopefully the developers can implement all my suggestions, but really the one thing I believe they absolutely must do is fix the framerate. I looked online and many other people are having this problem as well so it is not an isolated incident/something wrong with my setup. Thanks for reading and I hope to see these changes soon.
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