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  1. +2 for ultrawide! It's not like these monitors are brand new tech, or sold after game release.
  2. Thanks for replies! Still only 6 mods, you would think... Somebody asked, think I did! It's on sale 50% off... :)
  3. If there was a sale near holidays I missed it, just asking so I can wait. And I only see 6 mods at Nexus for it, is the game that tied down?
  4. see here, not ideal but worth a try? https://steamcommunity.com/app/578650/discussions/0/1693843461180966530/
  5. Threads on this topic need to be populated to be heard, post your dissatisfaction! Get a refund even!!! Thank you for raising attention to this game-breaking issue (wasting money on a game that makes you sick), I will not buy this game until it is resolved. Maybe devs don't care about just a few of us, but I think there are a lot more that stay silent...
  6. Obsidian decided to make a FPV only game, and with head bobbing not an 'option' to turn off, made a significant portion of players who get FPV-motion sick guaranteed to get sick... Hello!?! Do any of you read your own forums??? You knew this would happen. I cannot buy it no matter how much I want to...
  7. Poor RonnieJW, feeling sorry for him, he won't be able to show his face around here anymore...
  8. I have heard you can't disable head bob. Is this true? ALLOW PLAYERS TO DISABLE HEAD BOB! If Obsidian is going to ignore a significant proportion of FPV motion sickness players then you have lost a significant proportion of players... :(
  9. Did you try a reboot? Go to device manager? Unplug all other peripherals and reboot. Failing that, make sure your computer is plugged in...LOL
  10. Bethesda is responsible for everything wrong in the world, global warming, bitcoin, flesh eating bacteria was one of their first big ones...
  11. Gawds I hate being the voice of reason! Whingers, is this the first PC game you've owned? Ask yourself how long did you spend trying to tweak in-game settings, let alone nvidia inspector, or amd equivalent? EDIT: at the time of this post OP's post time was 2 hours ago. others much less... Little to no hardware list, OS, etc... So was this pure whinge or were you trying to actually solve perf issue???
  12. Ah, I'm wondering now, buy through Epic or the PD store. I'd like to think that buying it from PD means more money to devs, but maybe not. Also, thinking Epic purchase may be a smoother process to get the install started. Nothing ever goes smoothly for me... LOL
  13. That's BEFORE release, wait till all the steam fanbois can swarm the public reviews on the 25th and drive it down just because they are mindless steam drones... It will happen.
  14. Well, as many of us know, error msgs may appear but can sometimes be red herrings or worse the same one generated for different problems. BTW, you still haven't said what the error is... You'd be terrible at bug reporting LOL... Turn off ALL unnecessary processes (look at startup list, uncheck boxes...), turn off antivirus etc, have nothing running in background and install with admin, but am sure you tried that already. It has to be system specific. Make sure drivers are is up to date, even visual C++ redistributable, that often is the problem for me.
  15. When you made your purchase, at any point were you notified it would be an epic key? Just curious, see my earlier post, I saw nothing mentioned in the store, or eula, or...
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