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  1. It's a contract term. Contractor must meet/provide deliverables by date X or not get paid/risk penalty. Not sure of the OP context reference, but it would be interesting if the player had to provide in-game deliverables, you know, because of the unbridled corporate perspective of the game...
  2. To the post above, yes, a silent segment of gamers getting motion sick in FPV is very real. I suffer as well, and too f__ing bad devs do not pay attention... Those that say 3rd party modded cameras will save the day are naive. Most FPV-only games have crappy player animations because it makes it much MUCH simpler to finish the game without all the proper mocap for player avatar in 3rd person. Also set design does not have to take into account camera clipping into walls etc... The TPV mod for Kingdom Come reveals just how bad/poor/cheap the developers paid attention to player avatar, though who knows the reason for this, money or some other aspect of their strange combat system. To those that think people who get game-motion sick are babies and need to man-up, well I challenge you to get on a boat in rough weather and see who vomits first; it will be you not me.
  3. Yeah, I'll buy it on release (only) because I want/need to support games I really want to play, in order to be able to play other games I want to play in the future, and TOW looks like one of them. Won't support early access BS, burnt a few times, now much too shy...
  4. Not going to quote wall of text above, but it is defo not my experience that steam (little s) has "decades of proven customer service", in fact I think steam CS sucks. I appreciate opinions on not wanting to install/deal with yet another online game store, that's why I do not bother with ubisoft games at all, but they only sell ubisoft games. Bottom line though, steam pressures game developers and takes a huge cut when the economic facts are that volume should reduce the cut of the middle man. Sure they throw a bone once in a while in the form of a sale, but really... Servers and storage are absurdly cheap now, there is no reason anylonger to maintain the same fee to sell a game, and besides I do not use 90% of the crap steam 'offers' and wish their footprint was smaller on my PC. If epic makes steam play at the same retail level, then why not. I choose to support game developers I want to regardless of the sale platform as long as they are [relatively] transparent in the process. Hope that is not naive. PS: the public backlash towards titles choosing to use epic makes me think of steam-hired trolls spreading dissent and negative hype. Somehow Putin's online boys are behind this, or manipulating the gaming community into splinters of its former unity... LOL BTW...
  5. Bandy


  6. It's hybrid open world you heard it here first, LOL...
  7. Well, that's only good RPG if the 'secret' dialogue option is hidden. If it is just disabled, then one simply goes to the wiki or uses console commands to acquire it, LOL... I know, I know, we've all been in situations where we didn't find a 'key' needed to advance the story, and saw the disabled dialogue option and went ah-ha! Sometimes saved much hair pulling frustration, I get it. Just wondering, maybe there is a better way though...
  8. I think they already have said so unfortunately, but as I posted at top of this page, a mod is always possible sometime after release, and this saved KCD for me and others. So I'm not going to despair and will support this project, otherwise how are we going to continue to get good games from this proven game house?
  9. Why, oh why start a new thread when there are 5 pages of posts on topic already? https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/107014-please-give-us-an-optional-third-person-camera/
  10. You may want to edit your post, just saying... You may want to edit your post, just saying...
  11. Well, fighting along a more linear canyon (as above) with some side branches to mix you up, but with open 'sky' for starry ceiling would maybe fill in interest for tunnels? Then again, ice tunnels in glacial polar caps would be tres cool...
  12. Going to guess you are a more mature gamer? That's OK, so am I compared to vast majority of twitch players who were born with controllers in their hands. That said, if you are looking for a "comforting" experience, most games with combat elements are not meant to be so, and shouldn't be so (hint: don't play Dark Souls...) because adrenaline is part and parcel with the experience. Think about expanding your comfort zone to include something like bullet time in TOW, and I bet in time you will do well using that 'tool' and feel like you have accomplished much as a gamer. I'm trying to appeal to your sense of adventure, you need to challenge yourself rather than resort to a crutch. Sincerely trying to be positive, and hope to open a dialogue.
  13. Can't remember what issue, but Scientific America had an excellent article on the mission to Pluto (prelim results from a year or so ago). That freaking little planet on the edge gave them more surprises than they were expecting, and I hope the TOW devs can do so as well. It has an atmosphere and active geological processes! For OP, the ice caps on Charon, Pluto's moon had a red coating because of methane crystals, so suppose anything is possible, but purple??? LOL... That ditch across the 'equator' is deeper than grand canyon... LOTS of possibilities, ice worlds seem more of the norm tho, other than gas giants, but hard to play on gas giants, just saying. Hope devs can make this more 'open world' rather than storyline on rails...
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