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  1. I actually wrote out that just not using Full screen mode let the game work. But my message apparently was not approved to post. Swapping to Borderless window it worked just fine though going back to fullscreen causes it to fail again so I'm just not using fullscreen which is fine. I got plenty in after and the only other bug I hit was clipping into a box in the starting zone.
  2. Are you sure ? The game stopped working for me cause it won't recognize keyboard or mouse, but it was running ultra wide full screen for me even when it stuck at the title screen it seems fine.
  3. I'm adding a note here so I can follow this as well. It won't respond to my keyboard or mouse or a controller. I7 9900k Win 10 64Gigs DDR4 3200hz 2560x1080p Ultra wide monitor 144hz Refresh. GTX 2080TI Hybrid EVGA EVGA FTW Motherboard M.2 SSD All drivers and updates up to snuff. Dunno if that helps or it just a microsoft store thing or something but figured I'd throw this out and see if anything matches up. Edit. Just don't play in fullscreen and it works.
  4. Anyone else having this problem? I loaded the game once played for a bit and saved to swap monitors. Now the game when it loads up just ignores any input from anything I have. Keyboard mouse Controller all of it nothing happens it just sits at the title screen and won't let me click anything like continue or new game or just anything. I've reset and tried all I can think of and I have no idea what to do from here. I did get it on Microsoft store if that matters
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