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  1. There are instructions for playing the game pillarboxed for both AMD and NIVIDEA cards in this thread: I hope it helps.
  2. I'm happy the game isn't an 100 hour long RPG. I completely agree with this article https://www.polygon.com/2019/11/7/20952172/outer-worlds-rpg-length-20-hour-game-100-hour-story-campaign
  3. 1 post above yours are instructions to play pillarboxed. Nvidea card instructions are also in this thread.
  4. Thank you this did the trick for me! For those with ultrawide screens who would like to play 'pillarboxed' 16:9 and have AMD cards: 1. Set windows resultion to 1920 x 1080 (this might be optional not sure) 2. In AMD control panel, enable GPU scaling 3. In AMD control panel, pick scaling mode: center 4. In outer worlds, select fullscreen and 1920 x 1080
  5. I can't find the AMD equivalent. I tried GPU scaling but that doesn't help. I'd love to play pillarboxed at least...
  6. It would be a huge temporary help if I could play the game at least in 1920x1080 letterboxed without stretching in fullscreen modus.... Because of the vertical cropping, some melee weapons aren't in your full view haha.
  7. SSAO (or whatever type of shading it uses) seems much better on PS4. Gaming on a 4k resolution is stupid imo on a TV. 1440p should be the sweet spot.
  8. Run in native fullscreen instead of borderless windowed. This will you give you a huge performance boost. For some reason borderless windowed is the default.
  9. Hi. This only happens to me in windowed mode or borderless windowed. Native fullscreen mode doesn't seem to have this issue.
  10. This is only indirectly related to the ultrawide issue. But in windowed mode this is what the character looks like in the inventory (and also character creation). I'm posting this here because ultrawide monitors force us to use a buggy windowed mode, and my thread was locked.
  11. Not sure if this helps, but an xbox one controller with an USB cable works fine. Can't test bluetooth at the moment since my dongle is broken. Will report back once I get that fixed.
  12. Yes I am sure. The reason why it's running ultra wide full screen is because it is running in borderless WINDOWED fullscreen mode. There is a difference between windowed, borderless windowed and native fullscreen.
  13. 1. No real ultrawide support (only borderless windowed) 2. Character is not visible in character creation and inventory screen on borderless windowed 3. Can't play letterboxed 1080p on ultrawide screen (stretched) 4. Cutscenes are stretched, doesn't matter if I use a 21:9 or 16:9 resolution 5. Dialogues are letterboxed
  14. Currently there is only ultrawide screen 'support' with windowed/ borderless windows mode. However, it has many issues. Conversations are still letterboxed, cutscenes are stretched and the character isn't visible in character creation and inventory. Edit: I've created a thread in the support forum
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