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  1. Honestly after running the PC version I don't think it is running the Ultra textures, and if it is their appearance is absolutely being destroyed by a poor anisotropic filtering implementation.
  2. Well it seems the push for native 4K on the X has had some negative effects that I believe need to be addressed. After playing the game on PC and the X I immediately noticed a massive graphical gulf, that's not surprising, but after getting curious I took a look at the game on PlayStation 4 Pro. To my surprise while it's running a lower resolution (it's a computationally weaker system obviously) it's running higher levels of foliage density than the Xbox One X, and even appears to have some locations of foliage the X does not at all. Why the push for native 4K while sacrificing foliage levels? Why not shoot for say 1800p instead and maintain the level of foliage on the Pro? Without the lushness of foliage the world appears more lifeless and less organic. It seems that negative graphical sacrifices were made to push up IQ, I'm hoping for some type of patch to address this. If you can add the foliage back while maintaining performance and resolution, great. If you can't I think I can speak soundly for the community that a minute hit in resolution would be fine to further fill out the world.
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