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  1. Yeah, it's actually mine I posted it and then went to the forums.
  2. Yeah, I started a topic on Friday. Apparently I'm not the only one seeing this, good! I thought there actually WAS head bob though.
  3. An option to turn off bobbing would only be a temporary fix, but it would work for me. Sprinting seems to be free of head bobbing, and thus causes no problems. I really like the world and all the colours. It's a shame being forced to sprint past everything. I'm also surprised that more people don't complain about it. I wonder if the problem depends on a rig. If it isn't then people either are completely immune, or sprint by default
  4. Just installed the game and started playing. And everything seemed fine until the first night, when I noticed a rather big visual problem (visible more at night because of the contrast, and also that's when I came out into a more open space). Head bobbing weirdly affects the sky and horizon, causing every layer to bob kind of separately. It's only visible while walking/jogging. Doesn't happen at all while sprinting. I can link a video if anyone wants to see exactly what I mean, but it can really make one dizzy. Anyway, did anyone else notice this particular problem?
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