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  1. i am having the same problem except it's with the next quest for me. Don't Bite the Sun or something.
  2. So i am having a weird graphical issue. i don't know if anyone else has. As i move along the world as my character bobs slightly up and down as they run or walk..so do the clouds and the sky. this is rather concerning to move around in. seeing the sky move relative to me rather then the enviroment. anything in settings i can do to help with this? UPDATE: Weirdly i noticed. isky only moves along as you walk, not when you sprint.
  3. Indeed, i was not truelly pointing to the Absolute Neatral, but rather to the Slightly Light, and slightly dark characters. who even in Kotor 1 game mechanics were considered grey. but if the prestige classes force you to take a extreme light side or dark side, so game mechanics account one for either light or dark, i won't be to happy.
  4. Allright it seems that all the new Prestige classes are focussed on either light or dark side characters, but what happens the character is neutral, grey? Are these classes and the quest involved part of the main plot? is there maybe some unrevealed grey class? Please don't forget the neutrals.
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