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  1. as other gamers for years have proven, mass effect 2 takes the rpg mechanics of the first game and flushes them yes, exactly...a shooter with combat upgrades and dialogue choices that dont matter (boring companions and “romance” to boot)
  2. its as idiotic as negative Elex reviews: one of the great rpgs created (console): they foolishly downgrade what i consider a strength: typical modern gamer trash NO handholding NO dumbing down
  3. in-game mechanics, for me again. i LIKE disco but, i have to fib the lines to compare it to other rpg classics i d love to c the greatness of disco integrated into NV, for example but, i will not agree with disco needing vegas: two different genres
  4. i find your discrepancies alarming as the re2 remake is a remake and a touch better if re2 REMAKE gets any awards ill go ballistic * why the dicrepency between re and remake of 2?
  5. i find re2 brilliant (yes, i rebought, though, i have the original and my gamecube lol) but.... its a remake. whats your take on that?
  6. ya, you are probably right and im being a tad dramatic, lol however, disco is its own thing and i do not compare it to the great rpgs of all-time im playing, literally, right now, battle chasers: absolutely great game, but, i dont compare it to disco, lol, or new vegas TOW should be compared to mass effect: and i despise mass effects horrid adolescent writing and “good/bad” for example: mass effect 2 was BARELY a rpg; dark souls is NOT a rpg it is a fighting game you get to level up fighting skills (might as well play return of the king)
  7. i should also state, console games only. my fault morrowind to oblivion mass effect one to mass effect two assassins creed one to ass creed two i thought, foolishly, each and every time, that the next game would expand what greatness the first had started. skyrim vanilla is a crock. a scam: yet, im about to buy it for my daughter due to mods. and, im actually getting giddy, lol * morrowind was my first xbox buy: beth games are now on my never auto-buy list btw: TOW doesnt even get close to the brilliance of NV: id never b foolish enuf to compare the two
  8. the first thing i do in any game is check gameplay and hud customization disco doesnt even need such changes as its not a rpg and barely a game when im in the mood for a game like disco, its brilliant, but, its not... morrowind (not hitting due to low player skill is what i like-controller twitch is not) its not, divinity original sin its not, planescape or fallout or deus or gothics or bgate or new vegas or mount and blade or even skyrim with mods disco is not a rpg and it has its own category, for me * zero handholding should be a given in EVERY game (thus, mechanics should ALWAYS reflect this) *let the snowflake cheaters look it up on their own time playing TOW i have the hud off: no cheating (YES, there absolutely IS cheating in a single-player game) i try and do all i can to not let the game or outside idiocy influence my playthrough; second playthrough is irrelevant
  9. obviously, im not the only one bringing this stuff up about disco im assuming itll win other categories, including, lol, goty, from multiple sites it is my cup of t, but, im never so lacking in ego that i cant criticize things i like its like comparing, oh, TOW to NV; or the walking dead games to state of decay; or the witcher 3 to the last wish or, the tlou writing to anything *end rant, starting, lol ......now! **seinfeld reference
  10. art/direction? sure but, disco is going to get goty and best better bestest awards and its barely a video game
  11. i like all kinds of games what i dont like is Dumbing-Down and mediocre gameplay getting glorified i hate gamers wanting more and more fluff: animations, graphics, voice acting, ui (not ai lol), 3rd to see character, “romance”, game music (i turn it off-wouldnt if devs would get smart and not connect it to battle music), handholding for example, tlou is a mediocre mess, doing nothing new and simply being liberal Regressive politics: i and others knew exactly what was going to happen ; it was typical every step of the way and inevitable if you arent a Regressive sheeple bioware writing and “romance” is simply stupefied gameplay that gets pumped up due to presentation: mass effect one: a decent start- mass effect 2: get rid of all rpg mechanics and dumb down; morrowind: great game-oblivion: get rid of rpg mechanics and dumb down; assassins creed 1- good game (no HUD gameplay) great base for next game; ass creed 2: dumb down and get rid of all that was great in AC1 i hate “accessibility” i despise hand-holding: when i read reviews, people actually sometimes use that as a negative: it blows me away i started gaming with Pong and what i see now in “gamers” and devs angers me the hypocrisy and idiocy is laughable end rant lol
  12. parvatis simpleton and unbelievable, aw shucks attitude, is one reason why i dislike her if anything, its contrary to what she actually does in the game, as O alluded to
  13. no kidding its the shiny new toy everyone likes to yap about though, in reality its not as overrated as the last of us
  14. with these patches that “fix” quests does one need to restart a game (a non-corrupted save) to see if the patch actually fixed it?
  15. if RE2, disco and monster win those 3 categories ill go ballistic, lol if disco wins anything except “innovative”, ugh what another weak gaming year *lol, must go see codex whining and gnashing...
  16. im finding tinckering when done systematically and with specific focus as they become available to be a good addition with a few minor tweaks to make it great (uniques are a different story, for me) as Achilles said, limited tinckering and the willingness for timely swapping is key ** as ive asked before and will experiment with as i get later in the game: as of now, i dont understand the “costs too much” argument as one should NOT tincker the lower starting level weapons any further when a higher level one is found ** has applied to uniques, as well: only slightly higher at each tinck compared to the SAME leveled normal
  17. as i and others have stated, keeping companions alive in supernova is NOT that difficult, especially, if a proper build is made minimal reloading and babysitting required for me, the combat is too ez and “hard” should be more difficult ans supernova even more so ONE, OPTIONAL difficulty has these gameplay restrictions and as there is very little meaningful gameplay/ hud customization in TOW i am thankful they gave people like me at least ONE difficulty with semi-companion permadeath with a hybrid saving system that absolutely redues savescumming due to tediousness ** i am a hardcore advocate of in-detlh and meaningful gameplay and hud (map) customization ** as such, MY style of hardcore gameplay is very RARELY accomodated via actual, in -game mechanics its refreshing to be able to play an rpg with, at least, some hardcore gameplay
  18. TOW should not be compared to NV different games completely i compare TOW to mass effect and ill take it over that bioware junk all day every day as i said, the story, motivation and plot are well-done in TOW not only giving the pc enough info, but, also not providing too much perfect for a hub-style, dialogue rpg
  19. the game is not short those saying the game is short are purposefully skipping game content even if one skips content for rping purposes the game is not short on multiple playthroughs of the first area alone my shortest run has been 8hours and that was with dialogue skipping, no looting of unlocked/common containers or enemies i didnt kill and playing with purpose as it was a replay
  20. i see lots of RPG game mechanics with grounded, including, so-called “survival” components, of which, i call “rpg” components for me, its all about the in-game mechanics, choice and consequence and pc development the premise looks solid
  21. im playing on nova with no hud ive tinckered with companion and non-companion builds and have found both very viable no baby sitting ever and minimal reloading once i understood the mechanics and proper tactics it was usually my fault for not using inhaler early/often enough or tinckering weapons/armor appropriately or fighting enemies significantly stronger nor using companions specials tactically for quick escape/teleportation love that death is permanent *havent finished game however *fast traveling to ship IS TOW save upon quit
  22. im playing with restrictions where i do not pick up unlocked loot and must buy water/food ive had no problems with either from merchants and machines as they restock often and i sleep regularly though, ive not played the entire game yet so i dont know about later game worlds one thing i do is drink/eat right before battles as its a two-fer
  23. lol, no kidding! the “no motivation” schtick i hear so many gamers regurgitate these days is ridiculous on multiple levels and often just simply incorrect to say there is no motivation in TOW is insane as you quickly find out you were left for dead in cryo and were thawed by a wanted man by those who wanted to leave you in stasis oh and your target date to reach your colony is only slightly off by um about 70 years its perfect background motivation for an actual rpg game, yet, like you said it sets up instantaneous distrust and the need to find out what the heck is going on the “pacing” in this game is spot-on
  24. just finished the Vale again and didnt slow or speed play, but, did all quests and explored all areas though, i did fast-forward many of the conversations and only looted locked containers/doors and enemies i killed 9 hours the “short game” pitch is rejected
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