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  1. Third Playthrough. I am on my third time now. Yesterday, I discovered two more areas that I completely missed the other two times. Also, I keep learning how to use the various systems better each time. This time, I'm playing with the initial points evenly distributed. This completely changes the way points get used as I level up since all the sub-skills in a category are the same. Its a bit harder in the beginning, since there aren't any real standout skills yet, but the evenness means the points are being used more efficiently. So the plan is that more stats end up further along a
  2. This game is outstanding. The formula is simple: start with a story that could easily stand on its own - well-written, engaging, funny, sad, clever and clear - then put that story into a game that's better crafted than every other game of this type published for many years. Drive the narrative with the player's own decisions, and provide a full dose of story for every potentially bizarre choice the player might make. Include beautiful graphics and music, and polish the mechanics until they shine. Once all that's in place, spend what genius you have left on the details. Finally, be sure to coat
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