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  1. I’ve played a “shoot everyone in the face” playthrough recently. Although your deeds get acknowledged in the slideshow, there has to be a better way than that. Compared to the Fallout series (referenced because of New Vegas), where you could nuke an entire town, let a guy keep thinking that he’s a ghoul and/or help build rockets to space that you know will get them all killed, put exploding bomb collars on people to recruit them as slaves and send them off to their doom so that you can collect a fee, etc. Sounds like the people above just don’t have the stomach for what I discussed
  2. I sent an email to the support team with this suggestion for future content, but I'll copy and paste a portion of it here and include additional thoughts for discussion. Obviously guys have GREAT writers and game designers in general, though I feel like a little more could have been done to slake our inner psychopaths. I hope this post will reflect on how weird your fans are. Why not more options for an evil playthrough? For example, when at the power plant on Terra 2, how wicked would it be to choose to just shut off the power for both settlements have everyone after your hea
  3. Agreed. I know you can short quests by locations, maybe an option to toggle "all questions by location" work with a "primary quest marker" being green and other quests having a customized color (yellow? Blue?) so that the "objective markers" don't get confusing. Example: I had a few quests on Scylla, while exploring I came across the medicine delivery and I was excited that I found a new quest before I realized I already had it listed in my journal previously. Just a nice quality of life tweak.
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