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  1. That did it. It seems like Radio Free Monarch was the trigger. As soon as I finished turning the quest in to Phineas, I talked to Felix, and he gave me his companion quest.
  2. I've already completed VIcar's questline, I even had Felix with me at the time. No dice.
  3. I've had Felix as a companion as soon as he was available. I've progressed up to the Radio Free Monarch quest, completing almost every possible side quest that is available at this point. I've take Felix exploring on every plant available at this point. It has been multiple hours worth of gameplay. From what I've read, Friendship's Due is supposed to start after questing with Felix for "some" time. However, there seems to be no sign of this quest becoming available...he's never approached me and there's no new dialogue options. I've tried swapping him out with other companions for a few minutes to see if that would reset something. Does anyone have a more accurate estimate of how much time I have to spend with Felix for this quest to become available? Is this a known bug? The only bugs I've read about for this quest take place after the quest has started. I can't get the quest to become available in the first place... Thanks in advance.
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