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  1. Okay, this bug is still in the game as of 4.1.2. I've got a bunch of stuff I need pyrite for, and incredibly limited availability. Having one of the few vendors that sells it simply not be there is annoying.
  2. This has only been an issue since the new patch (GOG When choosing the stealth option for scripted interactions, it ignores the stealth stat on the Watcher and seems to use the lowest Stealth skill score in the party to resolve the check (mine fails every time and says that Eder was the character the check was made against, even though my level 19 Watcher has 21 Stealth). It doesn't even let you choose which character to make the check with. I have experienced this in two different Stealth checks now, and have tested it by saving and reloading, then choosing different party
  3. Yeah, I have this too. Although maybe this needs to be moved to the turn-based beta sub-forum?
  4. Huh, as this is my first time playing through, I thought it was just default behaviour. Is she supposed to offer anything interesting, such as quests, etc.?
  5. Me too, but I haven't played the game in RTwP mode. I bought it specifically because they added turn-based, and am loving every fight. I'm at level 17 now and still not tired of the combat. I have criticisms, but speed isn't one of them.
  6. Mind if I chime in? General feedback improvements: Engagement indicators need to be clearer. Animations are needed for disengagement attacks and each cleave. Bug: If you sneak-attack and kill a target outside of combat in one move, you can immediately hit pause then sneak again and combat won't start. This may actually be a feature. However, what definitely is a bug is the fact that your character now has perfect stealth, and is to all intents and purposes invisible. You can now repeat this process on every enemy in the area, and as long as you take them out in one hit, combat will
  7. The odd thing is, some summons and friendly characters do have AI. In ship-to-ship combat, companions and crew who aren't members of your party act of their own accord. Substantial Phantom and similar abilities also do their own thing. Odd design choice. Maybe have some options in the game settings? Such as: 1: All summons / non-party friendlies have AI. 2: Some do, some don't (the way it is now). 3: All summons / non-party friendlies are controlled by the player.
  8. Just a heads up, I'm playing the game in turn-based, and even if I don't attack in the first round, the guards go hostile.
  9. I'd just like to chime in and say that this game is spectacular. I picked it up because of turn-based mode being added, and I'm having a fantastic time. It has a lot of that old-school Infinity Engine feel to it, as well as having a really rather grand turn-based mode now, which has always been my preferred mode for RPGs. I couldn't stand the RtwP mode in the first game, and this has completely fixed that issue. The systems, while derivative of D&D, are just different enough to be refreshing, but similar enough to scratch a lot of the same itches that ToEE scratched. I feel they need a
  10. I'm curious about this too, although I'd like to know the GOG time rather than Steam. I bought the game two days ago when I became aware that turn-based was being patched in!
  11. Just a quick note to say that these bugs were both fixed by the recent patch, and I can now continue playing. Thanks!
  12. Also in that save, Raedric can't be killed during the quest "Champion of Berath". Upon reaching 0HP, he becomes untargetable. Initially, he'll just be standing there and combat will end. If I exit the map and re-enter, he becomes hostile again with full HP. If I kill him again at this point, upon reaching 0HP he will be able to attack my characters, but I won't be able to attack him, and AoE seemingly has no effect.
  13. When I do this, the game goes in to an infinite loop of messaging "Party gained 0 experience". Exiting the Warden's Lodge at this point crashes the game, and it's not possible to save, either quick or regular. It is possible to load however. If I try to exit the lodge while the message is being spammed, the game crashes. I am trying to hand in bounties for: Foemyna Galen Dalgard Devŵen Captain Muārumi This happens whichever bounty I choose to hand in first. In the interest of full disclosure, I am running a cheat save having used "iroll20s". This was to pad character stats a
  14. I'm partially sighted in my right eye, which causes some blurriness of vision. Usually, I don't find this interferes with gaming in the slightest, but I find the hacking minigame irritating, confusing and just downright aggravating. It's an incredibly bad piece of game design, and as it seems you need to solve the "tutorial" to progress, I've ended up quitting the game due to not being able to complete this horrible minigame. I'm incredibly disappointed, and utterly astounded that such an awful gameplay concept made it through QA and got into the final game.
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