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  1. well starts to make me think if they will now patch the game or just give us a big **** YOU!!!
  2. this is the bourne song and its awesome... http://www.youtube.com/watch_videos?more_u...p;no_autoplay=1
  3. just started playing AP again after loosing interest and i must say i am uncovering some pretty bad bugs... my pet hate is the save system. why could they not implement for the pc a manual save system? i mean if your gonna give us a auto save feature then give us the opportunity to at least restart a level or choose a checkpoint to restart on and not go back to a checkpoint we dont want to? also i am on the airfield bit and when it starts i am stood up? the guard see me and my cover is blown. i play a stealthy character so to be exposed at the beginning of a mission due to a bug is unaccep
  4. lets be honest deus ex overshadows AP by far. AP is decent but DX is awesome!
  5. one thing i have noticed is that if a guard is in the yellow icon mode he can somtimes run around an obstacle to try and find you despite not being fully aware??? i ran round an obstacle to avoid detection and he just followed like a lemming...
  6. not really, why wouldnt they comment to uphold the integrity of the company???
  7. totally redundant topic... deus ex rulz!!!
  8. WTH, i thought the whole idea of recruit/veteran was to give more challenge... not make the game easier??? What a douchebag move by the devs
  9. kinda surprised none of the devs have commented???
  10. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=249012 WTF even an in house developer hates the game??? comments on this obsidian???
  11. dude there is no walk... get over it
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