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  1. Hi all, I found a video of an accuracy MOD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSojdEjfGnc However the links don't seem to work. Does anyone know where to change the values in one of the config files to achieve this?
  2. After playing about an hour of AP I can safely say that it does fix some minor technical issues like the camera jerking mid-level has been greatly reduced. I suggest that people who notice changes/differences post here IE make our own patch notes. Also the game doesn't ask me to activate my game everytime I start up. Plus the mouse works in the menu now without it being a pain in the butt.
  3. This is what we've been waiting for? this isn't a patch this is...........
  4. I would like to see an official post here on the forums saying the patch is still in the works and what kind of bugs/added features the patch till do/add. But atleast we know that there is a patch in the works
  5. Argh! We should sign a petition for a patch and a sequel
  6. Does anyone know when the patch is coming? I've heard nothing of the patch since the announcement. I'm holding back my next replay until the patch comes out to see what they fix
  7. I would like to also add a more efficient cover system. Words cannot describe how broken the cover system is
  8. I definitely agree with alot of the points mentioned here. I think the first improvement needs to be the AI and the stealth. Stealth includes bodies not disappearing and being able to pick them up
  9. So I finished my 2nd playthrough of Alpha Protocol. All in all I thought it was very good game. The only things I can see Obsidian trying to fix with this game is the AI, stealth mechanics, adding a walk button, some stiff animations, (this could just be me) adjust certain items in the clearinghouses and mouse repsonsiveness during the mini games (which I actually didn't mind). Other then that the game was great. Dialogue and voice acting were top notch. I loved the amount of dialogue options you get. You get to choose who lives and who dies. All in all, I had lots of fun. My biggest complaint of the game is lack of exploration and NPC interaction. This might just be me, but I expected lots of exploring in this game when I started getting hyped up for it. I kinda imagined the game would play out like Deus Ex, and it did.... to an extent. There's plenty of exploration to do in the levels and it definitely pays off to scan every area (just like in Deus Ex). But like I said, I was expecting that you could leave the safe house and just walk around talk to the NPCs and seeing how the react to recent events in the game and what not. Example: You have to meet contact X. Instead of just going straight to the cutscene allow the player to get there and explore the area while doing it. I definitely think Obsidian should pursue this in the next one (if it does which I hope). Another thing I would like to see added in the next game is more weapon models. I was an assault rifle/pistol guy so i think I only saw 2-3 models each. I would like to see a lot more variety. Pistols: PPK P99 Colt USP Glock Assault Rifles: G36 family (G36C is my favorite weapon in real life) M16 M4 Tar 21 Bullpup weapons That's just a small list of course and I apologize that I didn't mention SMGs and Shotguns. I think they only have 2-3 models as well but I think people would agree they would like to see more. Anyone else have similar thoughts? So that's basically all I really want in the next game. More int he city exploration, NPC interaction, and more weapon models.
  10. Hey guys, I'm somewhat new to this modding ini thing. in the APDamageTypesData is a list of special ammo types. It may not help with the pistol's accuracy but.... [APGame.APDmgType_Traquilizer] BaseDamage=-2 ArmorPenetration=-3 you can modify how much damage it's doing. I have not tested this yet but hopefully this may help some people
  11. Make them damn corpses stay. and AI Tweaking
  12. So back on topic..... how does the gameplay compare with Deus Ex? I want to compare the story myself (i don't like spoiling the story before I play a game)
  13. from what I see from the reviews they all seem consistent on what's good and what's bad. It's just how harsh/good they are rating them that affects the score
  14. Well, I can't argue with the hiding bodies since splinter cell probably made that standard. It would be a great improvement in a sequel. The voice actor is probably opinion since I like how he speaks rather "normally". As for the other points. They were waaaaay worse for me on Fallout 3. But, thats usually ignored for some reason in that game. And as for the graphics. They aren't that bad. It has some great textures though the animations are. But, especially concering graphics: I have yet to encounter ANYTHING that looks worse than Mass Effect 1's planets and their buildings. There: I said it. Actually Thief came out with that standard of moving bodies around.
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