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    Jerky mouse fix

    Yeah sadly the jerkyness came back on later levels, it was especially bad in moscow / braykos villa. But the settings above made it much better most of the time. -Dani
  2. Not only that reloading a checkpoint removes enemies from time to time it seems, also it makes Mike stand instead of crouching. This leads to Mike being clearly visible suddenly and being shot immediately :D On a sidenote...can we please have quicksave and quickload enabled? The keybinds are there, just not the function it seems. Thanks in advance, Dani
  3. DaniDE

    Jerky mouse fix

    Ohh...I gonna try this asap. Thanks alot in advance! Edit: I confirm this has fixed all stuttering for me. I can even snipe now. I use smoothing min=20, max=62 and finally have a fluent gameplay :D Edit 2: I have not changed any cache settings, just fyi. -Dani PS: You should get a medal or something.
  4. I hate to suggest that, but have you considered reinstalling after a defragmentation yet? I know its time consuming, but just to make sure theres no file broken, since that is a point in the game where a script is fired, which comes from a file. Other than data corruption I could only think of a sound driver problem, maybe (not very likely since this is the first time it froze) also a graphic driver issue or a RAM Problem. On a sidenote, have you overclocked CPU and therefore the RAM? Hope you find the solution for your problem, Dani
  5. I use Win 7 x64, it runs fine. I did not reinstall PhysX or the graphics driver after installing the game. I of course have the other problems as described in other threads like the stutternad mouse issues. But I managed to play the game through last weekend, no crashes at all. Also I did not apply any compability tweaks except starting as admin once for a test of config files. -Dani
  6. DaniDE

    dual scopes bug

    [Professional] I too have noticed that the modules you can attach to the weapons sometimes stick to the weapon model, when you choose another one. I have seen it on my assault rifle as I switched from the sights to a scope. Suddenly I had both attached. The scope worked fine, It seemed no stats of the previous item where being applied, so it is definitely just a graphical bug. :D -Dani
  7. Hello there. Just got my copy of AP yesterday and started playing today. I like it! I tried several times to set up the settings to my liking, but some settings are not saved no matter if I press enter or manually click on exit. These are (most annoying I assure you) the audio level settings, the controller settings (vibration on/off) and probably some other things too...I suspect Vsync for example but I am not absolutely sure. I use Win7 64bit, 4 Gig Ram, Nvidia Geforce 280 GTX, some flat screen monitor, razer copperhead mouse and a keyboard, blablah. I thought maybe the game lacks the rights to write its config files, so I tried launching the apgame.exe with admin rights instead of the launcher. Did not help though. Also I am having some sort of mouse acceleration issues in-game, If I move the mouse too fast, I suddenly look in some completely different direction, which created the one or another scar in Mike
  8. Hello Obsidian, and greetings from germany Even though the german localization is not complete (don
  9. Hello Another thing came to mind, and I apologize, if this has been suggested yet. It became hard to read all the suggestions, since there are so many (This only is the POV from a Windows User, no idea how this is on the xbox version) It always bugged me in Kotor I, that I have to rearrange the powers on the lower right corner to quick-use them with the key-shortcuts. For example, I always scolled down from heal to force speed, to quickly activate it by pressing 4 ( i think it was 4, can
  10. to #2: Custom Lightsaber colors would be neat. I did myself a green lightsaber with a yellowish glow in Kotor I, using the inofficial modding tools and photoshop I also second #1
  11. Hello I was always irritated by the fact that my Characters in KOTOR I were carrying their weapons in hand even when they were not in combat. It just takes something from the RP Atmosphere of the game... (ok its my opinion, please dont flame me for that hehe) However, can we please change that in KOTOR II: TSL, so that your characters draw their weapons only when they intend to use them? I would especially like to see a lightsaber hanging from the belt when not used in combat or whatever. Personally I dont even expect an animation for drawing the weapon, it can just appear in hand for combat if you ask me (seeing someone doing the revolver-hero doesnt hurt though, or the yoda style - force use to get the lightsaber in hand ) This should apply for lightsabers/melee weapons as well as pistols. Rifles actually are ok for being hold in hand, since its not that easy to put them away where you can reach them quickly enough to respond to a threat. Thanks in advance, Dani
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