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    Alt Tab bug

    I'll give you the issues with TW (not that I play it). I stand by what I said about AP's alt tab issues being due to its console roots though. Lack of any real eyecandy, designed for a game pad, built for an environment where you don't multi-task (ticking a lot of boxes).
  2. Less beating with an ugly stick on the graphics front would be nice...
  3. Is your graphics card overclocked at all? Are you using recent(ish) drivers?
  4. Are the effects definitely not taking, or are they just not showing in the menu? I trashed my ni file last time and had to start over (long story short - trying to get my head round the AA/AF issues). Some of the changes definitely work without changing res (eg motion blur).
  5. adrich81

    Alt Tab bug

    To be honest I only expect alt tab problems with old games these days. Sadly it's yet another thing pointing at terribly optimised console port.
  6. Game crashes with an APPCRASH error message with Nvidia Forceware 257.15 installed Uninstall the Nvidia display and Physx drivers in the Windows control panel. Reboot an install Forceware 197.75 (available from nvidia.com). The crash appears to be related to the version of Physx in the latest beta drivers, as AP is playable if you uninstall Physx and reinstall an older version (although this breaks the Nvidia control panel).
  7. Looks like you can't customise appearance either with AA forced I wouldn't mind if the jaggies weren't so screamingly obvious!
  8. adrich81


    Please ignore - you lose all of the dialog/appearance options regardless of which antialising settings you force.
  9. If you've got an Nvidia card, Physx is automatically installed with your graphics driver. The version of Physx bundled with the 257.15 drivers is not compatible with Alpha Protocol. If you're using an older driver, it should be fine. BTW, please ignore my instructions for removing Physx - you'll have to install an older graphics driver, or the Nvidia control panel won't work properly.
  10. The culprit is definitely physx. The driver bundled with FW 257.15 doesn't work (9.10.0222). I've not tried the current standalone version (9.10.0129 - released 25 March 2010). The version on the CD is pretty old - 9.09.0814 (August 2009!), so you may have problems with newer games if you install it (keep it in the back of your mind if other games are suddenly unplayable). To uninstall physx: Control Panel>uninstall a program>Nvidia Physx Install Physx from the CD (cd drive>support>physx) Only uninstall Physx - don't uninstall Nvidia drivers (they're your graphics card drivers).
  11. Game is completely unplayable in Windows 7 x64. I've successfully activated it, but I'm getting 2 errors I've tried running as administrator, disabling my AV and XP SP3 compatibility mode. I've also installed all of the latest C++ redistributables (2005 sp1, 2008 sp1 and 2010).
  12. Hey, I'm happier that they're back with Bioware. At least it lends them a bit of credibility.
  13. It could be a number of things. Do the standard things like check you have the lastest sound and video drivers installed. If that doesn't work, reload an earlier save and play up to the same point, it might just have missed a trigger. Other than that, try disabling sound and movies temproarily sand see if that will get you past that point.
  14. For everyone running the game on a widescreen monitor, it's possible to foce it to run at widescreen resolutions. To do it, open swkotor2.ini and edit the width and height entries under graphics options (eg for 1280x768 width=1280 height=768). Enjoy!
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