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  1. Blazewamp

    Alt Tab bug

    freeze's up wont go back to full screen and task manager sais not responding
  2. Blazewamp

    Alt Tab bug

    Well alt tabing dont work or anything that might force your game to minimise so carefull
  3. PC corse but this weird loading spikes cozing my camera too spin and go nuts is driving me nuts
  4. yup seting to application sorted me too but iam geting a fair bit of camera stutering
  5. It mite be another problem other than grahics card coz ive got a XFX 7800GT as well and i dont have any graphics problems. is it just kotor to you have problems with
  6. Has any one sent an e-mail to LA and if "yes" was there any reply and if "No" do you thibk we would even get a reply? i mean they could at least just say No to us and we could stop wondering
  7. You can also use the KSE save game editor, its rather handy
  8. *sniff* man good stuff that last one got to me, very good
  9. oww man ive been offline for 3 weeks and relly was hoping for the patch to be out. Hay Devs cant you tell LA to wake up or at least get them to say why its taking soooo long
  10. we could do that but make sure you dont do it on there forums cos i have no idear what people are on on those forums and Lucasarts dont even check them
  11. Its been sayed before the devs cant say anything as its in lucasarts hands and there working as fast as a nuns first curry. iam beging to wonder if it will ever come out
  12. Well LA are sertanly taking there sweet time, i feel sorry for Obsidian having to take all this moaning, i mean we could moan of the LA boards ...but have any of you been on those boards there just weird
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