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  1. This is just a list of a few things some friends and I would like to see. 1.) Customizable lightsaber hilts! It's minor, and yes it can be time-consuming, but it would add a lot to the immersion level (in our opinions) if, at later stages when you are more powerful, you could make customizable hilts. 2.) Custom colors. Come on. We all know there's more than a few colors in the world! Let us make our own color! 3.) Races should affect your attributes. This most definitely adds to immersion. 4.) Let us flying the bloody ship! It's okay, I suppose, to just be in the ship and see a cinematic showing us flying to another planet. But how much cooler would it be if we could take off, fly, and land manually? Of course, for those of us who don't want that, there could be an auto-pilot kind of thing. 5.) More NPC interaction! It gets pretty annoying hearing them say, "I don't have anything to talk about." 6.) Unique-looking characters. Why can't we have more control over how our characters look? Not just body sizes, but clothes. In EverQuest, for example, you can dye your armor! 7.) Eating and drinking. Not really something a game has to have, but a kind of cool thing to do in a weird way. 8.) Well, since we'll have battle meditation, this one is probably a given. But... Large-scale battle is good. The largest battles I can remember from KotOR are at most 5 or 6 enemies. Perhaps there could be a battle in which every member of your party fights? For example, your ship is hijacked in transit and when you exit the Ebon Hawk there is a fight involving all on-board characters. 9.) Better scripting. I realize this has been posted, but I just wanted to stress it. It's a concern all gamers have. 10.) Longer game! I beat KotOR in 36 hours. That's way too short. In our opinion, games should take at least 60 hours to complete--and that's without power-leveling or side quests. 11.) Introduce a new light saber style that might've been lost long ago. We have single, dual, and staff, but something new would break the mold. And that's what you're looking to do, is it not? Perhaps something like a Japanese Naginata (http://www.japan-expo.com/img/clt/naginata.jpeg). It would make for an odd lightsaber, but a very cool one, in my opinion. These are just the thoughts of two friends and myself. I'm sure if we spent more than 15 minutes brainstorming we could come up with more. But this is what we've got.
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