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  1. And ny the way. Is equipment destroyed at zero durability?
  2. Thanks a lot! But there are two mysteries left: 1. Blueish green bar above dodge symbol? The purple bar is TTD. 2. "X" Between Adreno Shots and TTD purple ring? Frustrated Where is the manual?
  3. Hi, Cannot find information on HUD icons!? Could someone please explain: X icon to the right from healing L1 Purple ring? Like a "sight" TriangleX2? Running man icon? Blue green bar to the right of experience bar? Thanks in advance! BR Mem
  4. Hi, So I´ve collected the booze and food for the party but then I thought that it would be nice to try and fight Benweth in a direct confrontation instead. First time we wiped but then I tried to pull Benweth and his fighters into the room to the left. It worked fine and all guards are dead. But Benweth is not! He is gone......!!! I probably was stealthy when the fighting started. Now, my only available save game (for this) will make me loose about two hours of choices and playtime so I need to find out if I am able to trigger Benweth back into the story - or if I could continue without finishing this quest? I have tried to get that party started with the stew but Benweth is nowhere to be seen. I’ve read some forums and as I understood them this bug should have been removed long ago! If nothing else - is there a possible way to edit save game file to be able to continue? Regards Mem
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