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  1. I need someone to investigate just how many characters are on my roster. The number stated on both of these devices are different from each other. I created 6 characters on my mobile device but some of these characters do not show up when I play on steam. The only way I can play these characters is to start a party and enter a scenario with these characters on my mobile. Only then will the steam version recognize the party. HOWEVER some of the characters are nowhere to be found in my current roster. Here's the video of what I'm talking about: Pathfinder character ros
  2. There are certain characters that are appearing on the mobile version of my game that don't show up when i play the steam/pc version, and vice versa. A couple of these characters are quite strange, i don't remember using them at all but for some reason they start with 1 point into their (supposedly) main stat and some also start with 1 into one of their powers. What's even more strange is that they don't have any scenario or adventure completed either. I had to see if this is real, so after finishing Adventure B and 1, I have a total of 3 skill points invested into when the only possible amoun
  3. I don't know how or why 6.5 is hard, even on legendary. All you really need to do is take it slow, search for that damage reducer for each of your characters in your party and THEN go all out. You definitely need spy glasses and auguries to send the last boss to the bottom, but other than that, you take it slow. There is no blessing deck. Sometimes i just end turns without doing anything, it's better than to risk it and take a total of somewhere up to 6 damage on the whole party when you can easily prevent all this by using something as simple as a ring of protection.
  4. I always tell people this: If anything, lower the amount of characters in your party. Seeing as you are playing on normal, you get absolutely no gold either way if you completed it with a 6 party member as opposed to 1 party member. Also, this scenario is special, you only get locations = to the amount of characters in the party. This pretty much means if you only bring 1 at a time you only need to close 1 and you're done. The beauty part of this is that you skip all the hard BS like increased difficulty for each death zone closed. For heroic and legendary, it really feels like you need t
  5. Whoa wait what?30 healing poutices? 30 slaying scythes? 30 rings of superior protection?
  6. Ok so the culling is back, but the real question is what is the verdict on our cards in deck management that exceed the amount in the collection? In a party of 2, I have 2 healing poutices, 1 copy on each and they aren't disappearing. The culling is back, and that's fine and good, but what good is it if it doesn't affect decks at all?
  7. This was on legendary difficulty, android samsung galaxy s6. Video speaks for itself. This seriously does piss a lot of players off if they have to end up fighting the warrior 3 times just to finally defeat it. Hoping for a fix soon.
  8. Grabbing a card even with the intention of discarding it afterwards because you didn't even want it in the first place interferes with cards that react with the graveyard, mostly spells like cure and healing cards. It has the possibility of putting the unwanted cards back into the deck and re-drawing them again as dead draws.
  9. I think the hardest party to start with AND end with is this: Painter Sajan Lieutenant Lem Normal Seoni Normal Merisiel Any Amiri Any Valeros
  10. 6-5 is the scenario you'll return over and over to farm anything. Just ensure you will be able to clear it (you MUST clear the scenario to get the ph4t l00t, you're not farming the scenario itself, you want to get the loot from successfully clearing the scenario) I think you mean 6.4. I definitely have been using that scenario to farm for anything, from armors to velociraptors and even slaying equipment. It works but you want to fight as many enemies as you can, even if it means not permanently closing the location with monsters (and barriers) still in the deck. Btw Yorien, do you hap
  11. Honestly... even with the bugs, the game was fine before. But now you made it so easy with stash and easy access to chest items. What happened Obsidian?
  12. 4. You're only cheating yourself if you keep using this. But no one's looking or seems to care so... meh. 7. I believe this is working as intended. The henchmen (for the most part) says to let you close the location if defeated. This is obviously part of the henchmen's power and so the monster's effect is triggered first before the location power can be used. 10. I had to do some research on this and apparently you are right. However there are a few cards in this game that are changed to make it more difficult in this version than on the paper version. Probably vilas sekker is one of them bu
  13. I'm not entirely sure if this monster is just a big trap for players who can't read and/or it has something to do with 1 card type per check restriction, or none of the above at all.. I can't reveal a weapon after the combat to bury check and I have encountered this (bug?) twice already, first time on mobile version, and another time just right now as I'm typing this. The first time when i encountered this, this is what happened. Encounter Hidden Beast, now i have to roll for the very last text power, combat 22 or bury 1d4 cards. I reveal a weapon and fought it, won and then the game pr
  14. Android Samsung Galaxy S6. Currently not home to test on steam version. You've heard of all talk and no action? Well... I dub this the No Talk All Action update.
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