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  1. Hello Andruthir, the cards you obtain during the scenario and do not want to use with your characters afterwards go into a temporary area that can contain as much cards as your device is capable of handling. That is, you move it downward from the characters into a common pool. But this Stash can only contain 10 cards between the scenarios, so any extra cards should be banished - sold to a merchant for a very small amount of coins. But it requires you to be connected to the server - otherwise, this part is skipped and you accumulate more and more cards. If connected, you may not leave this second window unless you sell any cards in excess of 10. If, however, you have many cards in the Stash and you cannot leave the merchant unless you discard down to 5 cards (instead of 10), that means there are some "invisible" cards most probably remaining after the tutorial you finished. Some bug may prevent them from being properly deleted - and they are not seen in the normal game. If that is the case, you must contact Obsidian Support, as only they can resolve this problem. As a sidenote - Stash is a service for fans from the developers so the players don't need to juggle inventory just to keep a cool card that is not needed at the moment. You just place it in stash and take it out if needed. The cards you "banish" with the merchant are not gone - far from it - you can encounter them later during the adventure. So don't hesitate to throw away anything, unless you desperately want it. Cards from treasure chests are still there in your collection, you won't lose them.
  2. Er, if one of the developers could break me out of my scenario so I can play the game again, I'd be appreciative. Discotek, you need to contact Obsidian Support through e-mail. Maybe some customer support employee will check this forum, but I don't think it will be very often (if at all). You also need to send them your PFID number (long hexadecimal number in Options) and probably the device you are playing at (Steam, Android, iPhone). Without PFID, they cannot know which account is yours! I have also heard somewhere in this forum that sometimes, the display mode (Tablet / Phone mode) can cause you not to be able to pull something from discard - some graphical glitch, I suppose. So you may try to switch this mode to see if it will help. Good luck!
  3. Hannibal explained it all - sometimes, the party composition is crucial, and in Heroic or Legendary, you may sometimes need to downsize the party to 2 characters (correct characters, of course). That is how I got non-Survival unwise (= low Wisdom ) characters through the terrible Death zones. My experience is: AD5-4 is crazy on Legendary and Heroic, took me uncountable amount of tries. AD6-2, AD6-4 and AD6-5 are extremely difficult. But! Wait for the Fighter's Tale legendary playthrough - that is something even more terrifying than AD5-4 and AD6-5! It often scales by +5 difficulty per level, so Legendary kobolds (common monsters in that adventure, not henchmen or villains) are Combat ~18 instead of 8, there are straightout sub-skill checks to close some locations (i.e. not Constitution or Fortitude X, but just Fortitude X) or defeat Villains and so on.
  4. Contact Obsidian Support - and check your PFIDs before signing on to Asmodee, after, or in all devices you use. You probably have two (or more) different PFID numbers, which can only be joined by Obsidian Support. Good luck!
  5. Well, among our gaming group, we own complete Runelords and Skull&Shackles (that is mine), so I probably classify as a 'hardcore fan'. The basic and elite trait removal is covered in the Adventure Path card (I was looking for it once and could not find it). Both Basic and Elite cards are removed if and only if the card is banished. That is, once you start AD 3, instead of banishing any bane you encounter with the Basic trait, you must remove it from the game. That is, after defeating the bane, usually. You may do the same with Basic boons, but you are not required to - I am looking at you, Cure! If you encounter a boon with the Basic trait, remember you may banish it instead of attempting any check to acquire - that is, if Sajan does not want a weapon, he may immediately banish it. This counts as 'failing to acquire' the boon, however. Permanent closing also starts with banishing any cards, temporary closing does not allow you to banish cards. Once you start AD 5, you must+may do the same for Elite trait. Not AD 4! When building the locations, you cannot banish / remove from the game anything as you should not know what is in there.
  6. Wow, I would also like to congratulate you for surviving up to AD3 without blessings from other characters. Great job! There are many boons that are astonishingly great (Wand of Enervation, Revelation Quill, B. of Lamashtu+Gozreh, AD6-Mountaineer!!!), but there are even more boons that may be mediocre for most, but are great in some character's hands. For example, Blessing of Iomedae feels ... rather weak (disclaimer: I own Skull & Shackles game with two-stat boosting blessings like Milani or Sivanah, and I like those much more), but if you have Seelah, you will want as much of these as possible. Lini likes her pet Velociraptors as well, and even the hands-off-this-dangerous-ally Ilsoari Gandethus can be of help for some characters such as Merisiel (can evade the Devil of Sandpoint) or Valeros. The boons allowing you to automatically succeed in some test are also very good, especially the Crown and Amulet of Fortitude. You can look at the possible boons to encounter in the Collection, where you can find almost every card there is in the game (e.g. most Figher's Tale cards are not included). And I like some of those not shown - Quartermaster (again, from Skull and Shackles ). Some new cards can be added through treasure chests, but sometimes they are just OK, sometimes great. It depends. Lem loves one armor that adds +2 for revealing into any non-combat charisma checks (his Divine and Arcane and Diplomacy). Generally, the order of effects from the best to the worst is something like: reveal > recharge / return to top of the deck (reload) / shuffle > display > discard > bury > banish.
  7. Hmmm, that is interesting. It is hard to tell if you are doing anything wrong (tactically, I mean). The barriers (traps etc.) in lower ADs can be overcome even with totally unsuitable character. Many of them require skills that even Merisiel does not have and are quite diverse. You will have some more problems with Wisdom than with traps, I think. You have to consider several things: 1) Not all barriers must be defeated at all costs. It is okay to leave the strange locked chest alone or take some damage from Explosive Runes. Most "Cache" barriers can be banished, so do that if you fail to defeat them. 2) Your characters can help each other with blessings. If you did not find how to do it, I'm surprised you got to AD3. Short version - on some check, click on another character's icon and you can play blessings from there. Sometimes even allies or items. 3) Blessings of Calistria and Abadar are your friends (or even better, Milani and Cayden Caylean), so keep them around. I usually throw away even Calistria, but it could help you a lot. 4) Remember these nice items for Thieves Rogues? Thieves Tools and Masterwork Tools can defeat many barriers even in the hands of the most clumsy Kyra just by discarding / recharging them. 5) Under no circumstances should one character just 'sit' at one place without exploring, unless it is required by the tactical decisions just before cornering the Villain. Feel free to move the characters where needed. 6) Some items allow you to 'see' what is next in the deck - Spyglass and Magic Spyglass (AD4) and many others. And one of the overlooked spells is perfect for that scouting - Augury from AD 0 (B). Or Scrying later. That way, you may be prepared for what comes ahead. 7) If you have trouble playing on Normal, take your time and upgrade characters by playing further. I started Heroic scenarios only when I finished the adventure above them (e.g. Heroic B after Normal AD1) and Legendary 2 ADs after (e.g. Legendary B after Normal AD2). Keep some (a few, not more than 1) armors on hand just in case. So you just got hit by 7 Fire damage from the Runes? He, he. Here is my trusted leather armor, which just became a slightly burnt armor (banished or buried), but no damage for me. Yay.
  8. There is also one huge flaw for playing in the offline mode apart from "Oh, I don't earn gold that may be used only for some small things like chests, runes or charms. Not a big deal." The hidden problem is the absence of any step that lets you clean the "Stash" during continuous offline play. Say, you acquire 15 boons in average on any scenario. If you play 10 scenarios offline, you have ~150 cards in the Stash. Even though there might be some streaming of data to the app, it still takes a lot of memory. So you may end up in situation, where the game takes forever just to load the cards in the Stash. And you can banish those cards (for a little gold, yay!!) only when online. Edit: Also, if you play some scenario at a particular difficulty for the first time, you get some gold (for Legendary difficulty, it is always). If, however, you complete that scenario offline, it will be marked "finished", but you don't get the gold reward at all, even when replaying online. Maybe it got changed since I finished the whole campaign, but I don't believe so.
  9. Probably not. The last update was ~ more than one year ago (and added exciting new content of Goblins 2, with some added fresh bugs) and the original developers are probably still involved in other projects, with no information when / if they will come back to this game.
  10. There should be no additional content in both bundles apart from the alternate characters (and base characters maybe). I tend to ignore them from principle, as the programmers made some more mistakes - chief of them that the game does not check if you already have all available character through separate purchases (or, in my case of old veteran, bought for gold coins when it was still possible). So, *know* that I had all alternate characters (and let me tell you, they aren't adding very much from gameplay perspective) and both bundles were still listed as "available". If the collective price is higher than the individual characters combined (5 and 6, respectively), you could write an e-mail to support@obsidian.com, but there are no active developers at the moment (at least, what I *know*) For character comparison see: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90797-review-ratings-of-the-character-alts/?hl=%2Bshadow+%2Bmerisiel I would recommend the "Season of the Goblins" and with some caution "The Fighter's Tale" instead, if you are interested in more interesting characters (1-2 per adventure, 4 total) and some new adventures. Caution! The Fighter's Tale has insanely difficult higher difficulties and you are advised to use heroes past the Adventure Deck 6...
  11. 'Horde'-like cards sometimes do not function properly, but it is hard to say what will help. Once I encountered the same in AD1-1, with Seoni(?) > Merisiel(City Gate) > Kyra(Sandpoint Cathedral). Return trip to the Store (enter the Store, return back to game) or turn-off-turn-on helped in a way. The Skeleton Horde disappeared from the view and everything looked normal. However, the card remained on top of Kyra's location (interestingly, the same card and the same location as you did) and was encountered later again. And again. In all cases, the same bug kicked in and I had to forfeit the scenario rather than wait for the Villain to shuffle the cathedral.
  12. I don't have time to play the game as much as I used to, but still trying to finish weekly challenges - so I did not complete it yet, but honestly, this seems to be a leftover from the previous year. It will either give you 500 gold similarly to normal weekly challenge, or possibly 1 treasure chest. I will see for myself once I finish two more daily challenges
  13. Not sure. Usually these cards appear in the Unclaimed tab, where you can use them at once. Otherwise you have to encounter them during gameplay and try to acquire these cards. That is, if they are unlocked. Each buy of the 'enhancement cards' unlocks the specific card, adds 1 to their amount in the Collection and adds the card to the Unclaimed tab. However, I have 6 Blessings of Achaekek in my Unclaimed tab and only 5 cards in the Collection. So there is something fishy. Please check your Collection, Items of the particular adventure (was it 5 or 6?) and it should be there, unlocked. If not, contact Obsidian support on their e-mail and explain the situation.
  14. Scenarios (e.g. Attack on Sandpoint) should not be dependent on any other scenarios, but adventure rewards (a set of scenarios, e.g. Burnt Offerings) can be received if and only if the character successfully finished each scenario in it (i.e. Attack on Sandpoint to Thistletop Delve). That is the reason for the Completion tab in the Character management window...
  15. You are not a 'total newb'. Usually, the unlocked cards are shown in full and only the locked cards have name and a huge ?. You can see these cards as an option All/Owned/Treasure in the Collection, so you know of their existence but not what they do and so on. However, there are some promo-type cards in the Rise of the Goblins adventure path that are marked identically ('?') even though you have them unlocked. Grindylow and Birdcruncher Crown, for example. This looks as the same big inconsistency. You have the card but unless you encounter them during play, you know nothing about these allies - how to get them (checks), abilities, traits. And there is something even worse - cards you can encounter in the Fighter's Tale adventure (another DLC) are not even shown in the Collection :-D Regarding the Goblin Golem of Obsidian - have you looked in the Rise of the Goblins set? You can change it by arrows around the Rise of the Runelords logo in the Collection
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