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  1. That did it! So apparently some sort of corrupt sync file shenanigans to got spread to both my iOS and PC. I'll be more careful in the future to make sure the program isn't open on both platforms at the same time. Thanks so much for seeing this through. I am back to being in love with this game! -Tom
  2. I got a rather puzzling message from the support address saying they didn't see any character locked in my account, so they locked and unlocked Seoni to see if that would fix it. But it didn't fix what I'm seeing on my end, on both platforms. The character still has a padlock icon over her picture and I get an error message that she's "in a party" whenever I try to add her to a party. I immediately replied to the email address but haven't heard back. Hopefully they'll take another look. It's a bit alarming to hear that they could't even see the issue. Is it possible that it's somethin
  3. Okay, information sent. I'll stand by to see if they can restore her. Thanks for your help. -Tom
  4. Bump? Is there some sort of tech support ticket I should file? Do I need to submit this somewhere? The only link I could find ingame was to this forum. I don't mind waiting, but I'd like to get some sort of official response and I want to make sure I'm in the right place. -Tom
  5. Yes, as I mentioned I'm playing on the PC and iOS, and I've verified on both platforms that she's not in a party. -Tom
  6. I've got a leveled up Seoni with a padlock icon on her whenever I try to add her to a party. I've disbanded every single party in every single saved game I can find on both the PC and synced iOS version. Yet she still shows as locked, with the tooltip telling me she's in another party. Yet I know for a fact she isn't in another party since I've disbanded every single party! I presume this is some sort of bug? Is there any workaround? I've leveled her up high enough that I'm more inclined to just quit in disgust rather than keep playing if I can't get her out from behind that padlock
  7. I'm stuck being told to discard 1 card. However, no one can discard a card, either from her hand or her deck. What happened is that I use Kyra to cast mend on Seelah. Seelah discarded a weapon so she could get the Glaive out of her discard pile. However, even though I'm pretty sure the weapon has been discarded, I'm still being told to discard a card. I can't, and furthermore I can't retrieve the Glaive. I've poked around checking to see whether anyone else is eligible for a discard, but to no avail. I even backed out of the game, shut down the program, restarted it, and hit continue, but I'm
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