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  1. Are the devs/mods still monitoring these forums? I used to hear from someone within a day or so, still haven't heard from anyone
  2. Also to add, I had a 24 hours scenario gold boost which was almost done
  3. I'm down to the last Ancient Skeleton from a Skeleton Horde, I belive Sajan summoned originally, it's Sajan's turn, using a "Belt of Incredible Dexterity", Harsk is using "True Sniper's Shot", Combat check of 8, I have 1d10+1d4+9 total. I roll, the Skeleton is destroyed, the "Skeleton Horde" card shrinks and disappears, and nothing happens next. PFID# FD403A0721A080C9 iPad Pro 9.7", iOS 12.0 No Pass & Play, No Permadetah Story Mode In order: Merisiel (Courtyard), Kyra( Town Square), Harsk(Wooden Bridge), Seoni()Scarnetti Manor, Ezren(City Gate), Sajan(Sandpoint Cathedral) Sandpoint Under Siege, Legendary - Mother Father Snakes, Fortified Position Subsequent explore I believe
  4. So, please let me know if there's any reason this should happen, before I call this a definite bug. I just used a Rooster and Buried it, and it added 2x cards to the deck, taking it from 21 to 23 cards. Is there any reason that should happen? iPad iOS v 10.2.1 iPad Pro 9.7" PFID# FD403A0721A080C9 Pass & Play off Story Mode Merisiel (Deeper Dungeon), Kyra(Mountain Peak), Azren(Thassilonian Dungeon), Harsk(Temple), Seoni(Shrine to Lamashtu), Sajan(Woods) (In turn order) Into the Mountains 3-5, Heroic Azren's turn, I had rolled for I believe a dull sword, with the help of 'Standard Bearer' from Azren, and no other benefits from anyone, and lost. I then buried the Rooster, and 2x cards were added instead of the normal 1x.
  5. Pass and play off Permadeath off Story Mode Brigandoom! Legendary (Fortified Position, Darkest Night) Kyra, Merisiel, Harsk, Ezren Waterfront Ezren Second explore (Used Rooster) Collapsed Ceiling I used a Mattock to change the check to a Strength 8 check, using my d6. I then used a Blessing of Abadar, which should add 2 dice to a Barrier Check, but it only added 1. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not as I changed the check.
  6. To add my 2 cents, Quest Mode is the only reason I'm playing, and the only reason I spent money. I debated getting the physical copy, and opted for spending the money on the app instead as I really enjoyed Quest Mode. If this is going away, I'm going to be extremely upset and likely walk away. If I'm the minority in this request, that's fine, but if not, please reconsider this, even if you leave Quest Mode as it is right now.
  7. I'll add my voice to all of the others, I only spent money, and I'm only playing because of Quest Mode. I played a bunch through Story mode, but I haven't even bothered to finish it as I prefer Quest mode significantly more. I'm going to be quite upset if they remove this, as I spent money on the app instead of buying the physical game because I could mess around in Quest Mode.
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