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A bug?



So, please let me know if there's any reason this should happen, before I call this a definite bug.


I just used a Rooster and Buried it, and it added 2x cards to the deck, taking it from 21 to 23 cards.  Is there any reason that should happen?



iOS v 10.2.1

iPad Pro 9.7"

PFID# FD403A0721A080C9


Pass & Play off

Story Mode

Merisiel (Deeper Dungeon), Kyra(Mountain Peak), Azren(Thassilonian Dungeon), Harsk(Temple), Seoni(Shrine to Lamashtu), Sajan(Woods) (In turn order)

Into the Mountains 3-5, Heroic



Azren's turn, I had rolled for I believe a dull sword, with the help of 'Standard Bearer' from Azren, and no other benefits from anyone, and lost.  I then buried the Rooster, and 2x cards were added instead of the normal 1x.

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