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Finished Skeleton Horde and No Next Steps


I'm down to the last Ancient Skeleton from a Skeleton Horde, I belive Sajan summoned originally, it's Sajan's turn, using a "Belt of Incredible Dexterity", Harsk is using "True Sniper's Shot", Combat check of 8, I have 1d10+1d4+9 total.  I roll, the Skeleton is destroyed, the "Skeleton Horde" card shrinks and disappears, and nothing happens next.


PFID# FD403A0721A080C9

iPad Pro 9.7", iOS 12.0

No Pass & Play, No Permadetah

Story Mode

In order: Merisiel (Courtyard), Kyra( Town Square), Harsk(Wooden Bridge), Seoni()Scarnetti Manor, Ezren(City Gate), Sajan(Sandpoint Cathedral)

Sandpoint Under Siege, Legendary - Mother Father Snakes, Fortified Position

Subsequent explore I believe


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'Horde'-like cards sometimes do not function properly, but it is hard to say what will help. Once I encountered the same in AD1-1, with Seoni(?) > Merisiel(City Gate) > Kyra(Sandpoint Cathedral). Return trip to the Store (enter the Store, return back to game) or turn-off-turn-on helped in a way. The Skeleton Horde disappeared from the view and everything looked normal. However, the card remained on top of Kyra's location (interestingly, the same card and the same location as you did) and was encountered later again. And again. In all cases, the same bug kicked in and I had to forfeit the scenario rather than wait for the Villain to shuffle the cathedral. :(

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You can also go to https://support.obsidian.net/article/12-looking-for-help-on-our-older-games and click the "Contact Us" link for a pop-up web form to send an inquiry.


Since the devs aren't as active here, this might get your issue to the eyes of someone at Obsidian faster because there are people who read and forward support inquiries to appropriate areas in Obsidian as I understand it.

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