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  1. I think Kyra's heal when beating an undead monster doesn't work at all.
  2. I can't get blessing of Sarenae to work with Kyra. Every time I've used it on a constitution check it only adds 1 die. App for IOS.
  3. Also, Kyra doesn't get her heal with her exorcist roll when beating the Shadow bane. It has the undead trait.
  4. So far I've noticed an issue with Seoni and Flask of Force. Instead of letting her recharge the card, she can only discard or bury. Also, random times where a card I am viewing gets stuck in the middle of my screen. I have a screenshot of the Seoni issue but it is too large to upload.
  5. A lot of the lackluster reviews are due to the bugs and lack of new content. I'll bet a lot of them are from early adopters who,are getting frustrated with these very issues. I'm with most of the people in the post that would like more than "it's coming someday and it will be good."
  6. Is there an update for this? Also a release date for AD 4? I have this just sitting because I have done everything in story mode that I want to do and can't play quest mode anymore.
  7. I'm feeling the same way. I purchased on day one and now I'm stuck with a wasted $24. I don't know if my issue is transparency so much as just a general lack of coherence. Either a patch comes out that is horribly buggy or Already purchased content takes forever to be released with more bugs. This seems more like lack of resources (money or man power) to make quality content. I amhappy to support games that I find fun but that was a steep price point for a mobile game to not have everything work out.
  8. I can't start a new topic so I can only think to ask this here. When is deck 4 coming? I figured it would be included with this patch since it has been about a month now. How often are the decks being released?
  9. Thank you for pointing that out. I unfortunately have to take your word for it since I can't find the card in my gallery. So that's a new issue. The Horsechopper +1 doesn't show in the gallery. Ugh. And I couldn't find anything about Seelah's power in the topics I looked in so thought I would post it. Will there be any new bug fixes prior to the next actual update? I'm...disturbed that I paid as much money as I did to unlock everything only to find out that some of the characters are broken along with the other bugs. I just want to know what to expect. I keep seeing people saying that this company does a great job with customer service so I'm trying to be patient but I have to pull the trigger soon if I want to get my money back.
  10. I've noticed a few issues. I saw complaints about Lini so I won't mention those. Seelah's inspired grace often causes the wrong check to be used. Often times the check isn't even available, it will insert a combat check instead of whatever the correct check should be. One time it said "unknown" and made the check number 0 to hit. Also, I've been using Horse Chopper +1 with her and it keeps making the combat checks 4 points harder, but she is proficient in weapons.
  11. I'm really happy about the new scenario being added, but I do not see any response to the issues with Lini and Seelah on IOS. Lini's dice pool seems to act funny as you go deeper into her discards to use her various powers. For Seelah, when you use her power that lets you discard a card from the top of her deck, the check often changes to combat when facing a monster, even if combat isn't an available option. For instance, fighting a Harpy or any of the beginning/end of turn checks after facing a bane. Also, the banes that have the difficulty increased by the adventure deck number do not actually have this applied to them.
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