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  1. Its cool. I have no incentive to play it anymore and deleted it. Maybe when i win the lottery ill consider picking it back up. It really sucks that everything revolves around money and greed more and more these days and i sure suck at money. I understand they need to feed themselves as well. I just cant help them with that
  2. I disagree. Adding "extra" content that you have to pay for has been a stupid business tactic for years. You should be able to purchase the game and get all content at a reasonable price. Not like every other game like CoD where.you pay 60 for the "full" game but they keep releasing a couple maps here and there for another 15-20 each. CD project Red did it right for witcher3. You buy the game and all updates come with it. Microtransactions and DLCs have been a gaming bane for years
  3. Well last i saw was the bu dle for 25 (plus tax im guessing) for the runelord and basic characters. Not including the goblins or enhanced characters. Now id consider paying up to 30 for the full game including all additional content goblin pack and whatever else. But paying 25+ for half a little mobile game seems absurd to me.
  4. To get people playing the game should be more important than milking cash from them. I was telling many peeps how interesting it was but the value of word of mouth doesn't have worth anymore. The general concensus should be to attract players to a good game and not force them to pay for tiny bits of content. While this game is fun i don't see myself dropping around 30 bucks for half of what the game has to offer and needing to micro money to gain additional content.
  5. Or you could spend a few dollars to buy the game, and support the devs who worked long and hard to make this game you've become so fond of?No. I dont have a credit card and this smartphone doesnt have an account either. Also dont have a job or secure ways to make steady income and dont need to waste a bunch of cash and time buying little 5 dollar gift cards or whatever JUST to get a new character.Theyve ruined it for me which is a huge disappointment but its ok. Ive grown to learn that developers dont care about a loyal fanbase, only money.
  6. Eh i can see how all the people just farming the gold to no end would be a problem. But for someone like me who cant spend hours a day farming thousands of gold it never was so i wasnt aware it was an issue. If only they could have made obtaining gold more difficult to avert grind farming kind of like how i have to spend 30 minutes nitpicking hundreds of cards to sell thenaybe that could have helped hold its f2p concept. I absolutely hate microtransactions since i dont have a phone account (this us purely a wifi computer phone) nor a credut card or bank account to do so. What a pain in yhe butt. I guess ill have to delete this game which i was becoming VERY fond of.
  7. I dont have internet a lot when i play and often times have over 100 cards to sell off when i do. But anyway ive bought the wizard for 1500g to finally get a third character and now that ive gotten some gold saved up again there are no basic characters to purchase anymore. Only yellow or goblin versions. Am i screwed in getting new.characters now? What happened?
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