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  1. So I am coming close to the end of the game.. Soon I'll go into Goblins 1 though... but I have yet to beat it all on legendary. Done a few on hard. Anyway.. when I leveled I basically just improved what they had.. so if they had high dexterity, I made it even better... I also expanded blessings to maxed out first in most cases, spells first for casters. Then Allies. So I have max blessings and "explore again". Some things I have noticed. As you level up and get more card I seem to not use heal spells as much. In fact around 3 I took all my heals out and have not put them back in. In most cases the natural heal ability that the monk girl has is enough. This is even more so once you get recharge blessing skills and all those helping blessings are recharged instead of going to trash. I'm starting to think of cooler builds and was hoping to see some in this area, but there dosn't seem to be actually any builds posted. I have a few builds I could post.. but most are only tested in the real game not in the video game version.
  2. So is it possible to start the entire scenario again with different characters but use some old characters with everything unlocked already?
  3. Is there a way to tell what quest I have missed? I'm in a strange situation.. all my heroes have specialized.. apart from 1... but I can not work out why.. I have run the quest a few times without her dying.. but she still is not leveling up... Any ideas? The quest that levels it up is "Into the Mountains"... but it is a "scenario" reward.. not a quest reward.. so I am thinking I have had hewr die on one of the quests, as you need a win on every quest to gain the reward. So is there a way to see what quests a character has not completed?
  4. Thanks again... Side note.... lolz https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/955213082854631092/00932096073BE7D804A0017654E6E9055D4FF4B1/
  5. If a character is killed on a quest that gives everyone a + stat point.. they do not get the point.. do you need to replay the same quest for them to get that point... or will they get the point when you beat the next quest in line. Also, what do you do if you have nothing in the stash to fill a card slot? Recently I was out of blessings as I had a bunch of locations that banish cards.. I had no blessings stored in my stash... I couldn't advance. Any ideas what to do?
  6. So chest cards and individual cards purchased in the enhancements section are permanently added to your card pool (the game box)?
  7. Hi there.,.. I recently in a sale picked up Pathfinder Adventures on Steam along with some extar heroes on a 2nd quest about goblins. Anyway.., I own 3 of the physical sets so understand the tabletop game, but I am having trouble understanding some of the "new stuff". I'm about 1/2 way through the 1st campaign in the virtual verison. Q1 : In the store there is a chest system.. what exactly is this? If I buy a chest it adds more cards to my pool and they turn up in the quests... is that correct? Are these permanent? Q2 : There is a section in the store called "enchantments"... what are these thing? For example "Mountain Pattern" is currently at 80% off for 200 coins.. but what dose this mean. If I buy it .. it is permanently added to my game? I actually paid for it and it did turn up.. but the option to buy it is still in the store.. dose this mean I can buy multiple copies for my pool.. or are they temporary and will end up going away. Q3 : Then there is "Runes" and "Chams"... what are these and how do you use them. They seem to have "charges" so I guess they are temporary? Q4: Is there anything else coins are used for? Should I just sink my coins into chests as they are the only permanent things? Q5: Can you increase the size of your "vault" ? Anyway.. if I could get some guidance in the "computer game" kinda stuff that they have added to Pathfinder ACG that would be cool. Thanks!
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