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  1. I disgard about 50% of the blessing and allies. I like to have one in hand in case I get a check I can't pass otherwise.
  2. It really feels that instead of strategy, a successful run is left to randomness. Did you pull the henchmen or boss early or late, basically. The player has no control over the countdown to running out of time, except for A) party size or B) One use, banish, candle. Succeeding in defeats certainly helps, and I succeed at them all, so cards aren't pulled from locations twice. I run with a part size of 4. Sometimes I do 3. Neither succeed in time for about 50% of the runs. Am I missing something?
  3. and on Path of the Damned, you are guarenteed to wipe without one after the third zone.
  4. I understand that my melee attacks are going to vs the opponents deflection, a specific spell might vs an opponents will etc, so obviously the higher my accuracy and the lower their defensive stat the better. However, I don't understand how the roll actually works. What happens in the 'verus' part? If I have an accuracy of 26 to hit with my wand and my opponent has a deflection of 65, what formula occurs with these two numbers? A 26 sided die is rolled against a 65 sided die and if my roll is higher, I hit? 26 smurfs come out and do a dance and if their voices can be heard over 65 oxe
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