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  1. What platform are you playing on? I ask because there appear to be known issues with connectivity between Pathfinder Adventures and Google Play, which the developers are working on. Since you are losing out on Daily Gold, I suggest that you e-mail support@obsidian.net and tell them the problem and I'm sure they can sort something out. Edit: slowpoke.jpg. I got called away to do something else - I'm not sure being beaten to a response by 17 minutes can be classed as being ninja'd!
  2. Although we only have a sample of one, it looks like the intention is that each side quest will also add an extra character. As part of the Valeros side quest we got Tontelizi.
  3. Totally agree. I wish the developer had added a suggested level for the fighter side quest. Unclear to me whether the side quest was supposed to be attempted with starter party or level 1-6 party. Looking for the optimal experience---not too easy but not impossible either... One thing that the side quest does have is henchman and villain cards that have normal/heroic/legendary versions which become more difficult to defeat due to higher check values, which I thought was a nice touch. I suspect that the intention is that normal is suitable for a starter or low-level Valeros, heroic is
  4. I've also observed this with Diplomacy checks to defeat a bane, most notably vs. Leng Spiders with Mokmurian's Club. I think I've seen it with other Charisma/Diplomacy checks not involving Leng Spiders but I can't remember where.
  5. My only knowledge of the characters, and the Pathfinder universe, comes from this game so all I have to go on is the short bios of each character. My thoughts on the most interesting characters are: Ezren - technically he only became a wizard after investigating his father's crime, but having him try to prove his father innocent only to find out that he is guilty looks like a great basis for a story. Harsk - out to avenge his brother's death at the hands of giants. A good opportunity to make use of Harsk's favoured enemy powers. Amiri - wipe out a bunch of frost giants then return to sla
  6. I've just tried Seelah solo in 5-2 Legendary with Night Approaches and Blood in the Sand Wildcards. Failed the Constitution check, discarded a Cat, and was able to use Crusade and explore normally. Seelah is a Hospitalier with Ceaseless Crusade and without Precise Crusade., iPad Air 2, 10.3.3.
  7. I'm now up to my fifth loss on Legendary due to the Kobold Heretic rolling a 1 after he is beaten in combat and have still yet to win. I think I've got a pretty good strategy for pinning down the boss now using Valeros, Lem and Harsk, but I'd be interested in anyone else's parties/techniques for efficiently trapping the villain so that I can give him even more opportunities to troll (kobold?) me by rolling a 1. Giving all the Henchmen and the Villain the opportunity to avoid defeat with literally nothing I can do about it, the villain automatically escaping defeat after he is first beaten,
  8. I don't think the problems are skin-related. I've used Valeros' default skin throughout and have had exactly the same experience with regards to the 5000 gold and the loot cards.
  9. I have also had this happen with both the Animalbane Dogslicer and the Flaming Returning Throwing Axe +1 while playing adventures in Valeros' side quest. I assume it's a bug that snuck in with the last update.
  10. I'm also wondering about this. I've completed three of the scenarios on legendary and other than the card showing up on the rewards screen it isn't added to Valeros' deck and I haven't seen any of the cards in the Collection.
  11. This also happens on mobile (iPad Air 2) using the touch screen to scroll. Card counts are restored when a new category is selected.
  12. This has just happened to me. Lem played Scrying, picked card type (monster), picked location (The Old Light), then nothing happens. I can't end the turn, Scrying is just stuck displayed next to the location deck. Playing on an iPad Air 2. Edit: playing on legendary, wildcard powers were Night Approaches and Retaliation. Augury still works fine.
  13. Playing through AD4-1 on legendary. Defeated about 5 or 6 Jorgenfist Stone Giants over two games and haven't once been offered the option to close the location afterwards, all I can do is end my turn. Playing on an iPad Air 2. I can post more details if needed. I was running a full party of 6; this doesn't appear to be character specific.
  14. From my own experience when I was a brand new player: if the current pricing structure had been in place when I started playing I would have done exactly what Fistleaf says - played the first three scenarios then left. I think some or all of the adventure decks of Rise of the Runelords should be purchasable with gold, even if it is for more gold than under the previous pricing structure. Characters costing real money instead of gold is maybe okay, or split them so that the add-on characters cost money and the characters in the core boxed game can be bought for gold. Again, the gold price c
  15. That leaves us the following options: Flenta - Not technically a sorcerer, this female halfling has a flair for the arcane arts, even if it is all just slight-of-hand Tontelizi - "Retired" from a shady past, this gnome is unstoppable with his polearm and a few allies Vika - A half-elf who quit her job as a blacksmith to try smashing new and exciting things with her trusty hammer So... thoughts? From reading your descriptions (I haven't played the tabletop version) I thought that Flenta sounded the most interesting. However, I went to the paizo website and downloaded the character
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